"The time has come, says the Lord, for my people to know the meaning of the plagues which came on theland of Egypt when I delivered my people with an outstretched arm and with fury poured forth. For I say to you, that the ten plagues which fell on Egypt are a type of that which I will do in this last day as I prepare to deliver my people from the oppressions of the enemy, even Satan and his hosts. Therefore hear, and I will speak to you of that which is even now taking place on the earth. For I say to you, that there are vessels which I have chosen and prepared to be used of me in this day even as Moses and Aaron were prepared to be used in their day. For both Moses and Aaron are types of those who will be used of me to lead my people in the days that are at hand.


First of all you will notice that Moses and Aaron ap­peared before Pharaoh and demanded that my people go free. But what did Pharaoh do? He hardened his heart and refused to let the people go. It was not until Moses and Aaron were able to demonstrate divine power that Pharaoh was moved to relent. But even after he was moved to relent, he hardened his heart again and again to hinder my purpose. Even so is this a type of the activity of Satan in this end time. Know­ing that his time is short, he is working with all of his might to keep the people in bondage. He is reluctant to give any ground to those who would challenge his hold. Therefore I have determined to raise up those like Moses and Aaron who will be empowered by my Spirit to demand the release of the captives and see them go free. For I will move mightily in this day, says the Lord, to liberate my people that they may worship me three days in the wilderness. (Exodus 5:3). Now these three days are a type of the three years of tribulation which are coming wherein a great host of my people will be liberated into a realm of the Spirit that they have not known before. And in their new-found freedom they shall truly worship me in Spirit and in truth. This shall be in the very wilderness of the tribulation period, when the wrath of Satan will be mounting in fury as he seeks to keep the people in bondage. It will be during that time of great testing which is to come on the earth to try every man. (Rev. 3:10).


Now consider, says the Lord. Were not Moses and Aaron appointed to work together to bring forth a mighty de­liverance? And will I not fulfill the type in this day as I prepare a Moses company and an Aaron company to work to­gether in the power of my Spirit? Who are these companies, says the Lord? First let us look at Moses. Moses was the younger of the two, Aaron being his older brother. (Ex. 7:7). Yet, though Aaron was the older, Moses was the leader of the two. (Ex.4:16, 7:1). Now since Aaron was the older, he is a type of that which comes first in time; then shall Moses follow after. Is this not according to that which you read in the twelfth chapter of Revelation? For two groups are pictured there. First, there is the woman, who represents my glorious church which I am raising up and which shall minister in power during the tribulation. But notice, says the Lord, before she fully begins her ministry in power, a manchild is born out of her and is caught up to the throne of God. (Rev. 12:5). Now the manchild, being the younger, is the latter day Moses company who shall come forth to deathless life as the manifested sons of God. The woman, or glorious church, is the latter day Aaron company. There­fore the two shall work together: the church and the mani­fested sons, even as Aaron and Moses worked together to de­liver my people. Now what, says the Lord, did Moses and Aaron use to demonstrate their divine power? Was it not the rod? (Ex. 4:17). And what does this rod represent? It re­presents the Word of thy God which will be spoken with power and authority by those whom I shall commission; and that Word shall be confirmed by mighty signs and wonders.


Let me show you now, says the Lord, that which shall be as a result of the ministry of my chosen and anointed ones. Is it not written that my two witnesses will have the power to do signs and wonders and to smite the earth with plagues? (Rev. 11:6). Now who are these two witnesses? Already I have shown you much concerning this, for the truth con­cerning the two witnesses has more than one application and fulfillment. But considered in the context of that which I am now revealing to you in this prophecy, the two wit­nesses are Moses and Aaron, or the manifested sons and the glorious church. And they shall be empowered to cause pla­gues to come on the earth as a result of their ministry, even as Moses and Aaron.



[the first plague]


Now consider, says the Lord, and I will show you the fulfillment of the plagues which came upon Egypt. First, Moses and Aaron were given authority to turn the waters of Egypt into blood. (Ex. 7:19-25). What does this mean in its latter day application? Is not water a type of the human soul with its emotions and feelings? And is not blood the re­sult of human beings killing one another when their emotions get beyond control? Even so shall it be in this day. The water of human emotions will be so aroused with passions and desires that much blood will be shed. And what will cause this? The cause must be considered from several perspec­tives but, considered from the perspective of my chosen ser­vants, the cause will be a reaction to the authority of the rod, which is the power of my Word spoken against the god­less and licentious living which will abound among the mul­titudes. The Word which will be preached in power in the days that are ahead will bring great division among the peo­ple. This is because so many are being taken captive by doctrines of devils, and the spirit of libertine conduct is spreading among all segments of society. Even the church world is losing its moorings, believing less and less of the inspired Word and partaking more and more of the reasonings of man based on pseudo-science. People generally will be lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. (II Tim. 3:4). Compromises of all kinds will be the order of the day. The 'water' of human emotions and desires will run rampant.


Suddenly in the midst of all this there shall arise a people who speak with the authority of their God and who will wield a rod of truth which will startle and anger the multitudes. Many will hear and be converted, but most will arise against those who are preaching a strict code of right­eousness and denounce them as reactionaries. THEN shall I move to bring judgment, says the Lord. For my Word cannot be thwarted. That which will be spoken by my servants in that day shall be as a creative Word; the very speaking of it shall bring it to pass. The multitudes who refuse to hear will receive the judgment of that spoken Word. The very speaking of that Word of judgment will inevitably turn the waters into blood. In other words, those who refuse truth, confirmed by many signs, will be turned over to the delusion of their perverted sense knowledge. They will be­come the victims of the instability of their rampant desire natures, whipped to frenzy point by countless hosts of the nether world released to try all men in this end time.


Now note: because of the conflicting interests of peo­ple giving full vent to perverted desires, and the fever pitch which will be reached through Satanic control and influence, there will develop intense strife over all major issues of the day. Instead of the due processes of law and order, people will generally be moved to take matters in their own hands, submitting to means of intimidation and violence instead of reason. The 'water' of soulish desires and emotions will gain complete control of people. The result will be INTENSE CONFLICT AND VIOLENCE, resulting in MUCH BLOOD­SHED. THIS will be the turning of the water into blood. Conflicts will arise over race, religion, employment, wages, working conditions, social mores, wealth distribution, edu­cation, government, foreign policy, communism, socialism, medicine, health, the press, thought control, and many other issues, which will keep the general condition of society in such a tumultuous and 'fluid' state, that demonstrations, riots, boycotts, strikes, pressures, intimidations, and other forms of emotional outburst will be the order of the day, resulting in constant bloodletting. This will be the judgment of the rod, the Word of God, upon people who have refused to hear the truth. Left to the instability of their demon-crazed ways, they become the victims of violence and blood. The result of the first plague on Egypt was simply to ‘harden’ Pharaoh's heart. Pharaoh is a type of Satan. Thus you can see how the chaos of the times will enable him to 'harden' his control over the people through Increasing dictatorial powers placed in the hands of those who are working for absolute supremacy of the beast governments. 


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