[the second vial]


Now look with me at the second vial. Is it not written that the second angel poured out his vial on the sea? (16:3), You will notice a correspondence with the second trum­pet where a great mountain is seen falling into the sea (8:8). The sea is a type of peoples in agitation and revolution. In a previous prophecy you were given to see the fulfillment of this under the second trumpet in the nation of America and that which will arise within her borders. This is primarily because of the great judgment that is to come on America, because she has sinned against such great light and oppor­tunity. But think not that chaos through revolution shall take place only in the United States. America is particularly pin-pointed because of her position in world leadership and the intensity of the struggle which shall come within, caus­ing repercussions around the world. Most nations shall reel under the impact of revolution within. This chaos through revolution shall continue even to the end. It will be stay­ed for a time because of the power of dictatorial governments which shall arise to bring the nations into subjection to the beast powers. But after the final conflict begins it will flare up with renewed force until many nations will be­come shambles of chaos and confusion. Especially at the last shall many die because of the attempt to restore order by those who will be ruthless beyond imagination. This will be the fulfillment of the second vial as the 'sea' becomes 'as the blood of a dead man' and ‘every living soul dies in the sea'(16:3). In other words, every living person who con­tinues in the 'sea' of revolt will be immediately destroyed. Such drastic steps will be necessary for governments and na­tions to even be able to continue their existence.




[the third vial]


Now consider and I will show you the third vial of wrath. Is it not written that the third angel poured out his vial on the rivers and fountains of waters? (16:4). I have already shown in a previous prophecy how the third trumpet affects the rivers and fountains of waters by the star which was called 'wormwood' (8:10-11). It was given to you to see the fulfillment of this in the infection of the educated classes and leaders with the false ideology of communism, and the eventual 'flow’ of the communist fallacy to the com­mon people through these infected leaders, even as rivers and springs of waters eventually flow into the seas and larger bodies of water. Now note, says the Lord, that the judgment of the third vial falls on these same leaders who have been responsible for perpetrating the communist fraud. In that these waters became blood (16:4) it shows that those throughout the world who have led others into deception and ultimate destruction through the communist conspiracy shall themselves be destroyed. And since they have been guilty of trying to destroy the influence of Christianity, shedding the blood of saints and prophets (16:6), they shall be forced to drink of the same, seeing their cause destroyed and their lives snuffed out. And so it is written that the angel of the waters says, ‘You are righteous, O Lord, who is, and was, and shall be, because you have judged thus’ (16:5). This judgment shall come at the time when it is apparent that the communist cause is lost and wholesale destruction from atomic weapons is taking place. Many communist leaders will take their own lives, others will suffer violence at the hands of those who have suffered their indignities, and others will simply be destroyed by the blasts of atomic bombs.




[the fourth vial]


Shall I not now show you the fourth vial, says the Lord? In the revelation of the fourth trumpet in a previous prophecy, you were given to behold how the sun was darken­ed (8:12) and the fulfillment which is to take place on the continent of Europe as the sun, or Christianity in its tradi­tional forms as supported by the state, is to be completely disrupted. This is the preliminary judgment upon the apostasies of church-state Christianity. Now look with me to the final judgment as poured out by the fourth vial of wrath. The fourth angel pours out his vial on the same sun that was darkened under the fourth trumpet. But this time the result is the scorching of men with fire (16:8). This is that which shall befall the inhabitants of Europe, for great shall be the destruction on that continent as fire from atomic explosions devastates many areas. Those who are not destroyed by being incinerated will be 'scorched' by the fire power. The re­sult is that they 'blaspheme the name of God, who has power over these plagues, and they repent not to give him glory' (16:9). Those who have not repented during the judgments of the tribulation period, remain unrelenting in their obstinacy to the end.  


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