"The time has come, says the Lord, for my people to know the meaning of the plagues which came on the land of Egypt when I delivered my people with an outstretched arm and with fury poured forth. For I say to you, that the ten plagues which fell on Egypt are a type of that which I will do in this last day as I prepare to deliver my people from the oppressions of the enemy, even Satan and his hosts. Therefore hear, and I will speak to you of that which is even now taking place on the earth. For I say to you, that there are vessels which I have chosen and prepared to be used of me in this day even as Moses and Aaron were prepared to be used in their day. For both Moses and Aaron are types of those who will be used of me to lead my people in the days that are at hand.


First of all you will notice that Moses and Aaron ap­peared before Pharaoh and demanded that my people go free. But what did Pharaoh do? He hardened his heart and refused to let the people go. It was not until Moses and Aaron were able to demonstrate divine power that Pharaoh was moved to relent. But even after he was moved to relent, he hardened his heart again and again to hinder my purpose. Even so is this a type of the activity of Satan in this end time. Know­ing that his time is short, he is working with all of his might to keep the people in bondage. He is reluctant to give any ground to those who would challenge his hold. Therefore I have determined to raise up those like Moses and Aaron who will be empowered by my Spirit to demand the release of the captives and see them go free. For I will move mightily in this day, says the Lord, to liberate my people that they may worship me three days in the wilderness. (Exodus 5:3). Now these three days are a type of the three years of tribulation which are coming wherein a great host of my people will be liberated into a realm of the Spirit that they have not known before. And in their new-found freedom they shall truly worship me in Spirit and in truth. This shall be in the very wilderness of the tribulation period, when the wrath of Satan will be mounting in fury as he seeks to keep the people in bondage. It will be during that time of great testing which is to come on the earth to try every man. (Rev. 3:10).


Now consider, says the Lord. Were not Moses and Aaron appointed to work together to bring forth a mighty de­liverance? And will I not fulfill the type in this day as I prepare a Moses company and an Aaron company to work to­gether in the power of my Spirit? Who are these companies, says the Lord? First let us look at Moses. Moses was the younger of the two, Aaron being his older brother. (Ex. 7:7). Yet, though Aaron was the older, Moses was the leader of the two. (Ex.4:16, 7:1). Now since Aaron was the older, he is a type of that which comes first in time; then shall Moses follow after. Is this not according to that which you read in the twelfth chapter of Revelation? For two groups are pictured there. First, there is the woman, who represents my glorious church which I am raising up and which shall minister in power during the tribulation. But notice, says the Lord, before she fully begins her ministry in power, a manchild is born out of her and is caught up to the throne of God. (Rev. 12:5). Now the manchild, being the younger, is the latter day Moses company who shall come forth to deathless life as the manifested sons of God. The woman, or glorious church, is the latter day Aaron company. There­fore the two shall work together: the church and the mani­fested sons, even as Aaron and Moses worked together to de­liver my people. Now what, says the Lord, did Moses and Aaron use to demonstrate their divine power? Was it not the rod? (Ex. 4:17). And what does this rod represent? It re­presents the Word of your God which will be spoken with power and authority by those whom I shall commission; and that Word shall be confirmed by mighty signs and wonders.


Let me show you now, says the Lord, that which shall be as a result of the ministry of my chosen and anointed ones. Is it not written that my two witnesses will have the power to do signs and wonders and to smite the earth with plagues? (Rev. 11:6). Now who are these two witnesses? Already I have shown you much concerning this, for the truth con­cerning the two witnesses has more than one application and fulfillment. But considered in the context of that which I am now revealing to you in this prophecy, the two wit­nesses are Moses and Aaron, or the manifested sons and the glorious church. And they shall be empowered to cause pla­gues to come on the earth as a result of their ministry, even as Moses and Aaron.



[the first plague]


Now consider, says the Lord, and I will show you the fulfillment of the plagues which came upon Egypt. First, Moses and Aaron were given authority to turn the waters of Egypt into blood. (Ex. 7:19-25). What does this mean in its latter day application? Is not water a type of the human soul with its emotions and feelings? And is not blood the re­sult of human beings killing one another when their emotions get beyond control? Even so shall it be in this day. The water of human emotions will be so aroused with passions and desires that much blood will be shed. And what will cause this? The cause must be considered from several perspec­tives but, considered from the perspective of my chosen ser­vants, the cause will be a reaction to the authority of the rod, which is the power of my Word spoken against the god­less and licentious living which will abound among the mul­titudes. The Word which will be preached in power in the days that are ahead will bring great division among the peo­ple. This is because so many are being taken captive by doctrines of devils, and the spirit of libertine conduct is spreading among all segments of society. Even the church world is losing its moorings, believing less and less of the inspired Word and partaking more and more of the reasonings of man based on pseudo-science. People generally will be lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. (II Tim. 3:4). Compromises of all kinds will be the order of the day. The 'water' of human emotions and desires will run rampant.


Suddenly in the midst of all this there shall arise a people who speak with the authority of their God and who will wield a rod of truth which will startle and anger the multitudes. Many will hear and be converted, but most will arise against those who are preaching a strict code of right­eousness and denounce them as reactionaries. THEN shall I move to bring judgment, says the Lord. For my Word cannot be thwarted. That which will be spoken by my servants in that day shall be as a creative Word; the very speaking of it shall bring it to pass. The multitudes who refuse to hear will receive the judgment of that spoken Word. The very speaking of that Word of judgment will inevitably turn the waters into blood. In other words, those who refuse truth, confirmed by many signs, will be turned over to the delusion of their perverted sense knowledge. They will be­come the victims of the instability of their rampant desire natures, whipped to frenzy point by countless hosts of the nether world released to try all men in this end time.


Now note: because of the conflicting interests of peo­ple giving full vent to perverted desires, and the fever pitch which will be reached through Satanic control and influence, there will develop intense strife over all major issues of the day. Instead of the due processes of law and order, people will generally be moved to take matters in their own hands, submitting to means of intimidation and violence instead of reason. The 'water' of soulish desires and emotions will gain complete control of people. The result will be INTENSE CONFLICT AND VIOLENCE, resulting in MUCH BLOOD­SHED. THIS will be the turning of the water into blood. Conflicts will arise over race, religion, employment, wages, working conditions, social mores, wealth distribution, edu­cation, government, foreign policy, communism, socialism, medicine, health, the press, thought control, and many other issues, which will keep the general condition of society in such a tumultuous and 'fluid' state, that demonstrations, riots, boycotts, strikes, pressures, intimidations, and other forms of emotional outburst will be the order of the day, resulting in constant bloodletting. This will be the judgment of the rod, the Word of God, upon people who have refused to hear the truth. Left to the instability of their demon-crazed ways, they become the victims of violence and blood. The result of the first plague on Egypt was simply to ‘harden’ Pharaoh's heart. Pharaoh is a type of Satan. Thus you can see how the chaos of the times will enable him to 'harden' his control over the people through Increasing dictatorial powers placed in the hands of those who are working for absolute supremacy of the beast governments.



[the second plague]


When Pharaoh refused to let the people of Israel go free, Moses and Aaron were commanded to lift the rod over the same waters which had previously been turned to blood. Thus we are seeing the result of the same condition of emo­tional instability in those who have been turned over to the delusions of their sense knowledge, and obsessed by Satanic spirits. And what is that result, says the Lord. Frogs came up out of the waters and covered the land of Egypt, enter­ing into the houses of all the people. (Ex. 8:5-6, 11). This is a symbolic portrayal of the second plague of judgment which is to come upon the inhabitants of the earth in the end time. Because of the instability of the times, and the susceptibility of the people to all kinds of emotional on­slaughts, there shall come forth all kinds of isms, teachings, cults, pseudo-religious movements, quasi-front groups subtly promoting extremist positions and causes of all kinds, oppor­tunists and quacks, subversives with their blatant propaganda, government protagonists in autocratic rule, science deifiers, and atheistic and agnostic hucksters of all kinds of libertine thought and conduct. These are the 'frogs' with their croak­ing; 'doctrines of devils' preying upon every segment of society; invading the houses and even the bed chambers and beds of rulers, people and servants. (Ex. 8:3)


Because of this plague Pharaoh relented momentarily, calling for Moses and Aaron and giving them permission to go and sacrifice unto their God. (Ex. 8:8). Here is an indica­tion, says the Lord, of that which will be taking place during the end-time judgments. In the midst of all the 'croaking' of the frogs, a certain segment of people will begin to turn in earnest to their God, causing Satan to lose his grip on many. The fact that Pharaoh 'hardens' his heart again indi­cates Satan's attempt to counter this move of God by streng­thening his hold on the majority of the people and also by instigating persecution against those who are turning to right­eousness. The fact that the frogs died out of the houses and out of the villages and out of the fields is a type of three groups which will enter into the ways of truth, turning from the ways of deceit and godless living. (Ex.8:13). The houses represent the 100-fold Christians, the villages the 60-fold Christians, and the open fields the 30-fold Christians. The degree of their turning away from unrighteousness and error, and the extent to which they ENTER INTO the truth and be­ing of Christ, will determine their grouping. From the open field of the 30-fold they can progress to the village of the 60-fold, and finally into the house of the 100-fold. Each step brings a more intimate contact and association with the living Christ, for in the symbolic picture, intimacy of con­tact would naturally increase as one progressed from the open field, through the village, and into the house.



[the third plague]


Now you will notice, says the Lord, that suddenly a third plague came upon Egypt without warning. (Ex. 8:16). Aaron stretched forth his rod and smote the dust of the earth. Out of the dust came forth lice upon man and upon beast. Now what does this symbolize for the end time? Does it not show, says the Lord, the mysterious diseases and afflic­tions which will come upon the inhabitants of the earth be cause of their lawless and godless ways? Again it is the stretching forth of the rod, the preaching of the Word of tru­th which is shunned and rejected, that causes judgment to fall. Doctors will not be able to cope with the situation, as unprecedented maladies attack both men and animals. This is the meaning of the statement that the magicians of Egypt tried to bring forth lice but were unable to do so. (Ex. 8:18). All the serums devised by the ‘wise men’ of the time will produce no inoculation. Many men of the medical profession will frankly admit the need of turning to God for an answer, even as the magicians of Egypt said 'this is the finger of God.’ (Ex. 8:19). During the two preceding plag­ues, the magicians of Egypt were able to produce with their enchantments. (Ex. 7:22, 8:7). This means that the 'wise men' of the latter day will have a measure of success in deal­ing with the first two plagues: the emotional violence lead­ing to bloodshed, and the multitudinous 'croaking' of con­flicting Interests, They will employ their 'enchantments' of psychology, psychiatry, mental health, pacification, won­der drugs, shock treatments, social therapy and clinics. By these measures they will be able to help maintain a measure of immunization from the effects of plagues one and two. But when the third plague strikes with increasing ferocity, and multitudes of humans and animals are affected by diverse maladies, the ‘wise men' of medicine will soon find that their methods of treatment are not getting results. Many will say, 'only God can intervene and save much life from per­ishing.



[the fourth plague]


Will you not look with me at the fourth plague, says the Lord? This one is of particular importance because I did sever the land of Goshen where my people were dwelling that they might receive protection. And will I not protect in this last day from the effects of this plague those who put their complete trust in me? You will note, says the Lord, that this plague did not come as a result of Aaron's rod be­ing lifted up. But it came as an immediate providential judgment as a SIGN to Pharaoh and the Egyptians of the supre­macy of the living God. (Ex. 8:22-23). And what shall I do in this last day, says the Lord, which will demonstrate that I am in charge of the affairs of the earth and of all man­kind? It will not come primarily as a result of the people's refusal to hear the Word of truth. But it will come to VIN­DICATE the Name of Jesus Christ. It will be part of my strategy to bring my people to their knees and to speed up the work which I will be doing by My Spirit in a people of my choosing.


Just before the plague falls, there will be the divid­ing. The dividing will be two-fold.  First, I will divide or separate 144,000 of the choicest of my saints and suddenly remove them from the physical realm into the spiritual or heavenly realm. Their physical bodies shall be suddenly translated into glorified bodies. The taking of these 144,000 firstfruits (Rev. 14:1), will cause a further division to take place. Those who are truly mine shall immediately recog­nize the significance of what has taken place. Without hes­itation they shall turn to me with their whole heart and seek me as never before. After a short time of earnest peti­tion, my Spirit shall be poured out in a mighty deluge of power. The effect of these stunning spiritual developments will be to DIVIDE those who truly mean business with me and those who have been mere professors. As never before there will be clear cut lines of demarcation between those who are truly all-out Christians and those who want to make a pre­tense with a form of godliness. This is the meaning of the severance of the land of Goshen from Egypt. (Ex. 8:22-23). Egypt is a type of this world ruled by Lucifer the prince of darkness. Goshen thus becomes a type of those who have completely renounced Lucifer's kingdom and have been re­generated into the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Those of the land of Goshen, symbolically speaking, will then be com­pletely protected from all succeeding plagues. This will be possible through the supernatural ministry of the 144,000 glorified saints who will be on constant duty and who will have the power to appear and speak words of guidance and help.


Immediately following the 'dividing' there shall come the fourth plague as on Egypt. Is it not written that there was a grievous swarm of flies? (Ex. 8:24). Now what, says the Lord, does this signify? It is simply the aftermath of judgmental DIVISION which takes place by the power of my Spirit. The plague cannot be separated from the 'dividing:' it is one judgment. Those who are mine in the symbolic land of Goshen are not affected by this aftermath because they shall have entered into the reality and assurance of my Spirit. They shall know where they stand and what the future holds for them. But those who are still a part of Lucifer's kingdom in the spirit of Egypt's land will be in a state of utter con­fusion. They will seek for answers but will have none. Yet they will still be too much in love with the world and the things of the world to turn from their unrighteous ways. The ‘flies' in Egypt were a terrible annoyance but were not ac­tually destructive. They entered the houses of the Egyptians until their houses were full of them. (Ex. 8:21). The house again becomes a type of intimate relationship. Even so are the files a type of the torments, fears, uncertainties, resent­ments and inward disturbances which will be the lot of those who will have become aware of the mighty 'division' which will have been enacted. Yet they will be too willfully car­nal to change their ways. This 'tormenting' situation will be the direct result of my strategic maneuvers.


Though not wanting to abandon their worldly ways, there will be large numbers who will become increasingly interested and concerned about spiritual things—fearing their own safety and future. This is pictured by Pharaoh again seeming to relent and giving permission for the Heb­rews to sacrifice to their God. But note, says the Lord. Pharaoh wants them to sacrifice in the land of Egypt rather than going into the wilderness. (Ex. 8:25). This is a type of compromise-Christianity which many will want. But Moses stands firm, for he knows that their sacrifice must include the 'abomination of the Egyptians' which the Egyptians will not tolerate. (Ex. 8:26). This is none other than the 'Lamb of God slain from the foundation of the world.' (Rev. 13:8). Sheep were abominable to the Egyptians. The anti-typical fulfillment is simply this: my true servants in this day will not stand for any compromise form of Christianity which elim­inates the necessity of the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ as God's lamb. Because of this uncompromising position, my true servants will have to go three days into the wilderness. (Ex. 8:27). These three days picture in round numbers the approximate three years of great tribulation which is coming on the earth. There will be much tribulation before that, but the three years will be the most intense part. The ‘wild­erness’ is a type of the testing through persecution which will be the lot of all those who remain true to their God, unwill­ing to compromise with the 'Egyptians' of this world. Pharaoh again relents slightly saying 'go and sacrifice in the wilder­ness but don't go very far.' (Ex. 8:28). This pictures the fact that there will be continued attempts to get the Christ­ians to compromise. After the initial shock of the realiza­tion that 144,000 Christians have been taken begins to sub­side, and the torments and fears have been somewhat allayed, then shall the worldly become more confirmed in their ways. This is pictured by Pharaoh hardening his heart again. (Ex. 8:32).



[the fifth plague]


The refusal of Pharaoh to let the people go resulted in the coming of a fifth plague on Egypt. This plague was not directly upon man but upon his animals. (Ex. 9:3). In those days of a largely agrarian society, a man's land and his ani­mals were the essence of his wealth. Men were dependent on animals not only for food, but for most basic work needs and for commerce and transportation. Thus the destruction of the Iivestock of Egypt was a crippling blow to the economy of the land. This is symbolic, says the Lord, of that which shall come on the nations in the end time. The monetary wealth of all nations will largely be destroyed. This will come through the collapse of the Babylonian system of fin­ance which has a strangle-hold on most nations. Its practice of debt and interest money will cause prices and wages to continue to spiral. When wages have reached the point where further increases will be stymied, inflation will continue to eat away buying power until it will take most of what the average person makes to provide the basic necessi­ties of life. The eventual weight of debt and interest will be so great that the entire system will collapse. Money which most people consider to be wealth, will be practically worthless. Accumulated wealth through savings and invest­ments will mean nothing. Control and rationing will become absolutely necessary. Freedom to buy and sell will be vir­tually wiped out. Government control of everything will become mandatory for survival. People's lives will be reg­ulated through tabulated work credits and assigned consumer allotments. Money will be replaced by a numbers system. Electronic equipment will keep track of each family's work contribution or credits, and the amount of goods and services needed and provided. All businesses will be controlled by the government, and those who refuse to comply with all regulations will not be able to buy raw materials or sell their products. (Rev. 13:17). No business will be allowed to sell to customers as is now practiced. All goods and services will be government controlled. Distribution will be on the basis of need, and such need will be determined by statistical fac­tors required from each family. Credits will be granted based on work contribution and family need. Special requisition papers will be necessary for purchases other than daily needs. These extreme measures will be required because of the cri­tical world situation. But the basic framework of a control­led society will be the result of years of planning and schem­ing by an intellectual caste which dominates the thinking of the higher echelons of government personnel.


You will notice, says the Lord, that the plague was on the animals, or wealth, of the Egyptians, but not on the Israelites. (Ex. 9:4-6). Now what is the symbolic mean­ing of this? What is the true wealth of a born-again child of God? Is it material or spiritual? Is it not written that you are made rich In Christ? (II Cor. 8:9, Rev. 2:9). Can the failure of man and his systems take away the treasures which you have laid up in heaven? (Matt. 6:19-21). I say to you, that the reality of my presence and power among my people in that day will be so great that they will not be greatly affected by the wiping out of accumulated monetary wealth. Their joy and affection and hope will be so centered on me and my glory shall be so great upon them that they will take little interest in that which is strictly material. Their true wealth will remain unaffected by the vicissitudes of man's fluctuating economy. Whatever temporary incon­veniences they will suffer will be more than made up for by the exceeding great spiritual wealth which will be theirs at that time. For my people will have begun to press into their full inheritance, even the Kingdom blessings and powers pre­pared for them from the foundation of the world.


There is a correlation between the fact that the ani­mals of Egypt were destroyed, and the fact that complete economic control will deprive man of the exercise of the basic drives of acquisition and gain. Animals are a type of the basic propensities and drives of the carnal human nature. Birds of the air are a type of the thoughts of the mind; fish in the sea are a type of emotions and feelings; and beasts are a type of native talents, animalistic drives, and carnal ava­rice. It is this inner world of human nature which man has failed to gain dominion over that is causing all of the chao­tic conditions among peoples and nations. The present mania of those who are working for a controlled society is based on the false notion that man can be reformed if he is de­prived of the opportunity to exercise and give vent to men­tal, emotional and volitional tendencies which corrupt soc iety. Since man will not control himself, he must be con­trolled in every avenue of life and be gradually immunized to his former corrupt self, so the argument goes. This means an all-powerful government by self-appointed guardians of the masses of people. Who is supposed to control and immu­nize those in authority is problematical. Such is the bank­rupt thinking of men who have turned from God to the de­lusion of their own ways.


The macrocosm or man's outer world can abound in goodness and peace only as the microcosm or inner world of man's thoughts, emotions and drives are completely subdued and channeled unto the glory of his God. Thus the problem is spiritual, and not economic, political or social. Only as men are regenerated within can they gain dominion over the ‘birds of the air, the fish of the sea and the beasts of the earth' within their own microcosm. This is man's first and primary task, set before him at the very beginning (Gen. 1:26-28). Think not that the Lord your God was concerned with man's gaining dominion over the outer world; this was but an allegory to portray the inner world of man's being and the necessity of gaining dominion over every thought, emotion, desire, ability, propensity and drive until all resources and forces within reflect the beauty and glory of God above. The gaining of dominion over the outer world is secondary and is contingent on the gaining of dominion over the inner. Those who have gained a commendable measure of dominion over their inner being through the grace and power of their God will be given an inheritance and authority over the outer world of the earth and all of its inhabitants, being commissioned to rule and reign with Christ. But they cannot rule with Christ over that which is outer until they have gained dominion over the inner realm of their own mind and heart.



[the sixth plague]


Let us continue now, says the Lord, to behold the plagues which fell on Egypt, and let me reveal to you their latter-day counterpart. After Pharaoh hardened his heart again, refusing to let the people go, a sixth plague be­came necessary. It was on both man and animals, in the form of open sores breaking out. (Ex. 9:9). Moses was com­manded to take ashes from a furnace and sprinkle the fine particles toward heaven. This was done before, or in the presence of, Pharaoh. (Ex. 9:8-10). Now what does this mean says the Lord? Is not Satan, who is typified by Phar­aoh, the prince of the powers of the air? (Ephes. 2:2). So does this signify the power of Satan to cause men to unleash the fire-power of the atom which affects or pollutes the air. This is shown by the fact that the residue of that which had been burned by fire (ashes) was sprinkled into the air, thus symbolically contaminating the air. The result was the break­ing forth of sores on man and beast. Thus is portrayed the effects of radiation. By the time this plague begins to fall, men will have begun the increasing use of tactical atomic weapons in mounting warfare. The result will be the increas­ed pollution of the air and its effects on all living flesh; all, that is, except those who are especially protected by the mighty power of their God. These, like the ones pro­tected in the land of Goshen, will not feel the 'burning power’ of radiation-contaminated air.


The effect of this plague was to further harden the heart of Pharaoh. Even the frightening prospect of atomic pollution will not turn the nations from the mad pursuit of their own ends. In time the nations will be engaged in the final battle of the ages, symbolically termed 'Armageddon' in the book of Revelation. (Rev. 16:16). The plagues which follow will unfold very rapidly as the tempo of conflict in­creases. You will note also that the magicians of Egypt could not stand before Moses because they too were afflic­ted with the sores. (Ex. 9:11). This indicates that the ‘wise men' of the end time will not be able to controvert the fact that there are those, symbolized by Moses, who are not be­ing affected by the plague of radiation, but have a built-in immunity. For in that day the Moses-company will be the manifested sons who are no longer subject to death. All true Christians will also be protected, but they will not be nat­urally immune.



[the seventh plague]


The rapidity with which events take place and the stepped-up tempo of judgment is seen in the words which Moses was commanded to speak to Pharaoh just before the final four plagues began to unfold: 'Thus says the Lord God of the Hebrews, Let my people go, that they may serve me. For I will at this time send all my plagues on your heart, and on your servants, and on your people; that you may know that there is none like me in all the earth. For now I will stretch out my hand, that I may smite you and your peo­ple with pestilence; and you shall be cut off from the earth.’ (Ex. 9:13-15). The next plague which followed, being the seventh, was that of a great storm consisting of thunder, lightning, and ‘a very grievous hail, such as has not been in Egypt since the foundation thereof even until now.' (Ex. 9:18, 23-24). The storm is symbolic of the worldwide 'storm' of conflict which will be gathering momentum in the earth. Increased use of atomic weapons will cause large amounts of water to be vaporized, ascending into the cold heights above to be frozen into large hail stones; these will then descend upon the earth, creating much destruction. Again you will notice that those in the land of Goshen were protected from the hail. (Ex. 9:26). So shall I keep from all harm those that put their full trust in me. Even among the Egyptians there was a measure of protection for those who heeded the Word of the Lord. (Ex. 9:19-20). This shows that as the end-time conflict increases in intensity, more and more peo­ple of the world will begin to listen to the Word being preached by my chosen servants, and they will look to me for protection. And I will faithfully keep them to the mea­sure of their trust and obedience. For at times my chosen servants will warn of severe destruction coming on certain places and certain cities; those who heed my word and do what I tell them shall be preserved.


You will notice further that the storm of the seventh plague is spoken of as 'such as has not been in Egypt since the foundation thereof even until now.’ (Ex. 9:18). Since Egypt is a type of the world, the statement becomes synony­mous with the prophecy of Jesus concerning the end-time tribulation period: 'For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.' (Matt. 24:21). Thus you can see that the tribulation period will have begun by the time this plague begins to be fulfilled. Like a storm, it will begin gradually and increase in intensity as the tribulation period progresses. The destruction of this plague, which was upon man and beast and vegetation, will not only have its counterpart in literal hail which will fall as previously explained, causing much destruction, but also much life will be lost as a result of the intensified conflict which this plague typifies.


Because of the timing of this plague, it is recorded that ‘the flax and the barley was smitten: for the barley was in the ear, and the flax was bolled. But the wheat and the rie were not smitten: for they were not grown up.' (Ex. 9:31-32). Now what does this mean, says the Lord? It indi­cates the progressive stages of the harvest of your God during the tribulation period. You will notice that the barley was already 'heading' and the flax was not far behind. But the wheat and rie were not sufficiently up to be affected. Bar­ley is the first grain to ripen in the spring and is therefore a type of the firstfruits of my harvest; those who enter more fully into my purposes and come to spiritual maturity before the rest. The fact that the flax was just beginning to bloom indicates that the firstfruits will have the 'fruit of righteous­ness' (Phil. 1:11, Heb. 12:11) fulfilled in them in prepara­tion for the marriage supper of the Lamb, for flax is that from which linen is made, and ‘fine linen’ is the righteousness of the saints. (Rev. 19:8). The firstfruits spoken of here are those who will have begun to ripen before the tribulation period begins, out of which a SHEAF is taken and glorified as described in the section on the fourth plague. The fact that the barley and flax were 'smitten' during this plague in­dicates that the more advanced and mature Christians are the ones who will take the brunt of the persecution which will be an integral part of the intensified conflict of the time. The wheat and the rie on the other hand represent those Christians who will not be so severely persecuted because, as a whole, they will not be out in the forefront of the strug­gle. The 'storm of conflict' represented by this plague will not only be political and military, but also spiritual and religious; the spiritual and religious factors taking on increas­ing importance as the struggle intensifies. For the final con­flict of the ages is not just the result of predatory actions of certain nations; it is the consummation of the age-long strug­gle for the minds and allegiance of men. It is primarily ideological and spiritual.


The wheat and the rie represent those Christians who have matured very little previous to the great tribulation, or those who are converted during the tribulation, for there will be multitudes who will turn to their God in that day. The Egyptian grain termed rie in the King James rendering is not the same as that which is called rye in this day. That Egyptian grain was more like wheat, but of an inferior qual­ity. It was hard to be cleaned of its chaff. It thus becomes a type of the 30-fold Christian: those who will be preserved by my almighty power through the tribulation to continue to live on the earth, but not within the confines of the Kingdom realm. The wheat represents those who will be in the 60-fold and 100-fold categories, and are slated to be fully gathered into the 'barn' of the Kingdom. (Matt. 13:30). They will mature under the harvest conditions of the tribula­tion period. The degree of progress made and the maturity realized will determine their category and allotment. The 100-fold wheat Christians will be translated and glorified at the close of the tribulation and gathered into the heavenly Kingdom, and the 60-fold Christians will remain on the earth to be gathered into the earthly Kingdom, eventually enter­ing into immortality in human flesh. Since the 'barley' Christians reach a commendable measure of maturity or 'ripe­ness' even before the tribulation begins, they will all be 100-fold to enter into the heavenly Kingdom—a SHEAF at the beginning of the tribulation, and the rest at the close of the tribulation.


As a result of the seventh plague, Pharaoh was moved to relent. He called for Moses and Aaron and asked them to entreat the Lord to remove the mighty thunderings and hail, and he promised to let the people go. (Ex. 9:27-28). But Moses was not fooled by his feigned change of heart (Ex. 9:30), and as predicted he ‘feared not the Lord God' but 'sinned yet more, and hardened his heart.' (Ex. 9:34). Thus will it be with many of the world during the intense pressures of the tribulation period. Because of the seriousness of the world situation and increasing chaotic conditions in many places, many will turn with feigned heart unto the Lord, and seek out His servants to pray for them. But once there seems to be a way out of their predicament, and pressures seem to lighten a little, they will sin yet the more and harden their hearts. My true servants, however, will not be deceived by those who are not truly repentant. The power of my Spirit will be working so mightily among my people that the un­clean and uncircumclsed will not go undetected; neither will they enter to contaminate the assemblies of the saints. (Isa. 52:1). Those who are sincere will be welcomed and helped; but those whose motives are tainted with corrupt designs will be discerned and exposed. The pretenders will not be allowed to remain and sow their seeds of mischief. I will have a pure work, says the Lord, and that which is of the enemy will not be allowed to take root. It will be quickly dealt with by those who are the true shepherds of my people.


During the earlier plagues it is said that Pharaoh hard­ened his heart or that his heart was hardened, but during the latter plagues it is said that God hardened Pharaoh's heart. (Ex.9:12,10:1,10-20,27). What is the meaning of this, says the Lord? Is it not written that in the day of evil's consum­mation I will send a strong delusion on those who love not the truth, that they should believe a lie? (II Thess.2:10-12). Now why, says the Lord, will I do this, and in what way am I justified? I am justified in doing so because I am able to know the point at which an unrepentant sinner will under no foreseeable circumstances turn from his evil ways. I will do so in order to more quickly bring about an impasse, that the catastrophic struggle which shall sweep away humanity's refuge of lies be not prolonged. By causing men to be more thoroughly deluded in their ways, which they are convinced they should follow, I am able to get them to more quickly set in motion those forces and courses of action which will precipitate the world into judgment. I am also thereby able to more profoundly show my mighty hand of deliverance to those who put their trust in me, for those who are hardened to do evil must be dealt with more severely, and thus the conflagration and whirlwind to judgment becomes so great that none can survive except those who are protected by me. The impact of such a worldwide reckoning with the sinful ways of man will long be remembered and told to succeeding generations, and will be a strong deterrent to any future deviation from the paths of righteousness. (Ex. 10:2).



[the eighth plague]


The storm of the seventh plague was followed by fur­ther devastation under the eighth plague. This was brought about by an invasion of locusts from the east. (Ex. 10:4, 13). Before the plague came, Pharaoh was warned and, at the advice of his servants, he was willing to relent and let the men of Israel go: but Moses insisted that all were to go, in­cluding their herds and flocks. Pharaoh then scoffingly re­fused. (Ex. 10:3-11). This shows that in the great day of battle which is coming, Satan will never cease trying to get the Christians to compromise in one way or another. Satanic-controlled forces in the dictatorial society of the beast em­pire will put every conceivable pressure upon Christians who refuse to conform and support their regime. But those who are determined to remain true to me shall gain the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name. (Rev. 15:2). I will protect and preserve them in that day, and they shall be completely delivered out of the Egypt of this world and ushered into the Kingdom prepared.


Pharaoh's refusal to let the people go was followed by the greatest invasion of locusts ever experienced in Egypt. (Ex. 10:13-15). The whole land was darkened by them and they completely devastated every green thing. Locusts are used symbolically in the scriptures to denote the invasion and destruction by armies. (Joel 1:4-7, Rev. 9:7). Since it was an east wind which brought the locusts, it would indicate vast hordes from the east marching against the west. This is simply a further phase of the great storm of conflict depict­ed under the seventh plague. The nations of the east, under the banner of the hammer and sickle, will move to conquer all who stand in their way of complete world domination. Many nations and areas of the world will be affected, but the most strategic area, as it affects the final phases of world conflict, will be the Middle East. This area will be almost completely overrun, and the onrushing tide will engulf much of Europe. But the die will not be cast to lethal annihila­tion through east-west conflict until the Middle East and Palestine are inflamed in war. The symbolic portrayal of these marching hordes from the east is described under the fifth and sixth trumpets of Revelation. (Rev. 9:1-21).


The result of this plague was an earnest entreaty by Pharaoh to Moses and Aaron, accompanied by a confession of sin and request for forgiveness. (Ex. 10:16-17). Although Pharaoh's heart was later hardened again, indicating Satan's continued hold on vast numbers of people, yet the symbolic action of his is significant at this point. For it shows that many people of the world, especially in the western nations, will earnestly seek for divine help as a result of the increas­ing threat of attack and Invasion from the armies of the east. The result of this earnest entreaty will be a quickening of my Spirit to further that revival which will already be sweep­ing through the world. Especially in the nations of the west, where Christian influence and training has been more thor­oughly ingrained In the mental fabric of the peoples, there will be a turning to the Lord as never before. This influ­ence will begin to reach into the higher echelons of leader­ship and government circles. Many shall begin to break loose from the Satanic delusions which have held them. They will see that further compromise with the beast of communism will mean certain suicide. For the first time in years a real desire and will to resist further communist advances will arise in those western nations which have been the strongholds of Protestant Christianity. By this time most Catholic countries will have been completely taken over by communist forces. The Vatican hierarchy will have fled to the North American continent. An awakened Christendom in those nations which still have a small measure of freedom will spur those in auth­ority to action. Coupled with this will be an awakening among the Jewish people. Many of them will have turned from their unbelief and accepted Jesus as their Messiah. Re­vival fires will be burning among them. Along with this religious revival will be the concern of most Jews for the nation of Israel, for Palestine will be threatened with com­plete desecration by communist hordes.


Thus will it be fulfilled according to the type, that ‘the Lord turned a mighty strong west wind, which took away the locusts, and cast them into the Red Sea.' (Ex. 10:19). This strong west wind is none other than the might of the western nations rising to strike down the communist forces. This will be possible only because of the wisdom and strategy which will be given to those in authority by my specially chosen servants of that day. Were it not for the ‘arm of the Lord’ arising to help those who will have cried to their God, there would be no hope of turning the tide of commu­nist conquest. But the Lord your God shall battle for His peo­ple in that day. The armies of Gog shall be utterly confound­ed as described in Ezekiel, Chapters 38 and 39. They shall be driven into a 'Red sea' of destruction. For truly I shall be exalted in that day, and all shall know that my mighty arm has worked deliverance for those who look to me. The turning back of the 'red' hordes will be accompanied by the beginnings of a short atomic holocaust as the Satanic-controlled leaders of the Kremlin try desperately to ward off certain defeat. Seeing their plans for world domination frus­trated, they will make one last effort to destroy the western nations by unleashing their atomic arsenal. This will be met by the mounting of the atomic armada of the west. There will be much destruction on both sides. But in my providence I will see that the Satan-inspired conspiracy of communism is completely crushed.



[the ninth plague]


As Pharaoh's heart was hardened again, Moses was commanded to stretch his hand toward heaven ‘that there may be darkness over the land of Egypt, even darkness which may be felt.' (Ex. 10:21-22). This darkness was to last for three days. Although there is a measure of chronological sequence in the fulfillment of the ten plagues, there is an overlapping and even a concurrent fulfillment of some of them. It was not feasible to portray such detail in the type. Therefore do I show by revelation how the plagues dovetail together in end-time application. From one perspective the plagues have their fulfillment in the over-all end-time period be­ginning with modern day bloodletting through revolution. From another perspective the plagues have their fulfillment in the short-term period of intensified world trouble just pre­ceding and during the period of the great tribulation. The last four plagues find their fulfillment during the tribulation period only, running somewhat concurrently, although not completely. The previous six plagues see a measure of ful­fillment before the great tribulation, although they also con­tinue into the tribulation period. In considering the ninth plague, therefore, an overlapping and even antedating prin­ciple must be pointed out. For although the seventh and eighth plagues have been portraying the fury of conflict pri­marily during the last half of the tribulation period, even unto its fiery consummation, the ninth plague portrays the darkness of the entire tribulation period. In the type it is placed at this point because of the intensity of darkness which will characterize the latter part of the tribulation per­iod. The three days of darkness symbolize the approximate three years of great tribulation, for I appoint a day for a year. The tribulation will actually be nearer three and one half years, but in much typical drama of scripture the round number usage prevails when portraying time patterns.


Now note the conditions which prevailed during the time of darkness. 'And Moses stretched forth his hand toward heaven; and there was a thick darkness in all the land of Egypt three days: They saw not one another, neither rose any from his place for three days: but all the children of Israel had light in their dwellings.' (Ex. 10:22-23). The light mentioned was a supernatural light provided for the Israel­ites only. It was a manifestation of the shekinah glory of their God. In its anti-typical aspect for the tribulation days, it will be the supernatural guidance of the Holy Spirit for those who are indwelt by His power and glory, and also the supernatural manifestation or appearance of the glorified saints to give instruction and help. Thus those who are mine will not grope in darkness through extreme fear and uncer­tainty as the people of the world, for I will guide and protect them even during the days of extreme crises when the world will be plunged into almost total chaos. Those of the world on the other hand, typified by the Egyptians, will be filled with terror. They will not know what to do or where to go. Many shall perish for lack of direction. They will be afraid to venture out, but will cower in their houses like frightened animals during the final phase of east-west con­flict.


As a result of this plague, Pharaoh again called Moses and offered to let all the people go if only they would leave their flocks and herds behind. But Moses refused, for he knew that God must not be served halfheartedly or with re­servations, but with the entirety of one's being. This is the symbolic significance of Moses’ insistence that the animals be taken along. Moses said ‘You must give us also sacrifices and burnt offerings, that we may sacrifice to the Lord our God.' (Ex. 10:25). As pointed out before, animals are a type of the basic propensities, abilities and drives of the human nature. ALL must be SACRIFICED to the Lord your God. They must be submitted to the ‘fire’ of my purging, that they might be sublimated and transmuted and channeled to my glory. The primary sacrificial offering which man ren­dered to his God from the beginning was the 'whole burnt offering.’ Since this offering typified the dedication to do the will of God with the entirety of one's being, the whole animal was burned on the altar. Its perfect fulfillment came when Jesus Christ gave Himself in life and in death to do the Father's will. (Heb. 10:5-7). And through Him it is fulfilled in all others who give themselves as a living sacri­fice to their God. (Rom. 12:1-2). But nothing can be held back. Moses said 'there shall not an hoof be left be­hind; for thereof must we take to serve the Lord our God.' (Ex, 10:26). A hoof is symbolic of the lowest or basest of human traits, and not one can be left in 'Egypt's land;’ there can be no concourse with, or conformity to, that which is of the world. For those who would be used mightily in the tribulation days that are coming, all must be on the altar as a whole burnt offering. And for those who want to be re­ceived into the heavenly Kingdom of Christ, there can be no holding back; no, not even a hoof.



[the tenth plague]


Pharaoh's heart was again hardened and he refused to let the people go. He even refused to see Moses any more and said, 'for in that day you see my face you shall die.' Moses knew that deliverance was near and he responded, ‘You have spoken well, I will see your face again no more.’ (Ex. 10:28-29). Now the final plague was at hand. Spec­ial instructions had to be given to the Israelites. They had been slaves and had not received all that was due them; now they were to leave with much riches. They were to take whatever the Egyptians would give them for their departure. Especially were they told to take ‘jewels of silver, and jewels of gold.' (Ex. 11:2). Their accumulation of these items for their departure is significant. They portray that which every saint must have who is to be translated out of this world and enter the heavenly Kingdom. The foremost of these is gold. Gold is a type of that which is of the Spirit: spiritual impor­tations and fruits. Also tried and proven character; that which has come through the ‘fires' of refining experiences as pure gold. Silver is a type of the soul and soul qualities. Also a type of the redemptive work of Christ. It is through the redemptive power of His cleansing and life that the soul is redeemed and made new, with its very fabric woven with the righteousness of Jesus Christ. The matter under consider­ation is not just that of salvation. Salvation, or preservation from death, is through the shed blood and resurrection life of Jesus Christ. But for those who go on to perfection (Heb. 6:1), receiving the gold of His spiritual workings and the silver of His complete redemption, there is to be an OUT RESURRECTION from among the dead (Phil. 3:11) or a TRANSLATION while living (I Cor. 15:51-54) into the GLORY of His heavenly Kingdom. The saved who fail to make this calling and election (II Pet. 1:10) will continue to live on earth, eventually receiving deathless life for their physical bodies: those having already died will be resurrect­ed back to the earth in deathless physical bodies after the millennial Kingdom has been fully established. So my peo­ple, now is the time to let me do a perfecting work within you that you might be adorned with my gold and my silver, and that you might be fully ready to be received into the glory awaiting.


Further instructions were given by Moses to the peo­ple concerning that which would be the means of their pro­tection during the final plague. They were to take a lamb for each household and set it apart on the tenth day of the month; then on the fourteenth day of the month, at even, they were to kill the lamb and sprinkle the blood on the two side posts and upper door post of their houses. Each family was to eat their lamb girded and ready to depart. (Read Ex. 12:1-13). The blood of the lamb on their houses was their protection during the final plague, which was the smiting of all of the firstborn of Egypt, both of man and of beasts. This tenth plague was the consummating judgment and constituted the final wrath of the Almighty upon Egypt and her gods. (Ex. 12:12). Now look with me, says the Lord, to the fulfillment of these things at the consummation of the age, which is drawing nigh. Surely I will bring to an end that which is called civilization in this day, for it is almost completely contrary to my will. It is based on the worship of many gods which are constantly placed ahead of or before me. Even millions of Christians are preoccupied with the ‘gods' of material things and pursuits of pleasure. They have little time for serious consideration of my Word and my ways. They are 'caught up' in the Babylonish systems which are destruc­tive to real faith and dedication. They lean constantly on the ‘arm of flesh’ rather than leaning on me. (Jer. 17:5). They have hewn for themselves cisterns which can hold no water, and they have forsaken the fountains of living water, (Jer. 2:13). They rely on empty forms and dead works to try to accomplish my purposes. In the religious world it is either idolatrous organizations which hold my people captive, or idolatrous unbelief clothed in sophistry and worldly wisdom which leads my people astray. In the political world it is selfish and grasping opportunists who dominate the affairs of most nations, leading them into paths of eventual tyranny. In the commercial world it is traffic in everything, includ­ing the souls of men (Rev. 18:11-13), with very little con­sideration for the ultimate welfare of human lives. Thus judgment has already begun to descend, and it will not let up until a mighty cry has arisen, even as in the land of Egypt. (Ex. 12:30).


The death angel which went over the land of Egypt, slaying the firstborn in every family where the blood was not applied, is a type of the power of destruction which shall be unleashed from the atom, both in its deadly radiation and in its immense force of explosion. I say to you, my people, there are two signs given in my Word which are of the utmost importance. When they came to pass every Christian should have been alerted to the imminence of end-time events. The first was the explosion of the atomic bomb, for in releasing the atom's energy, the very powers of the heaven are shaken. (Luke 21:26). The second was the Jews declaring themselves a reborn nation, for this was the shooting forth of the fig tree. (Luke 21:29-30). Even so it is written, 'when you see these things come to pass, know [ ] that the kingdom of God is near at hand. Truly I say to you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled.' (Luke 21:31-32). But my people are woefully uninformed and almost totally asleep and unaware of the significance of the time in which they live. A few here and there are beginning to awake, and they are beginning to sound the midnight cry which shall rouse the sleeping virgins. (Matt. 25:6).


It will be the atomic ‘death angel’ which shall ‘pass over' the earth to strike a death blow. All will be affected except those who have the blood of the passover lamb sprin­kled on the 'doorposts' of their hearts. For it will be true again as it was true then, 'when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt.’ (Ex. 12:13). It is the blood of Jesus Christ, applied by faith to the sin-stained soul, that washes it clean and preserves it from death. This is the present salvation enjoyed by Christians. (I Pet. 1:18-23). But it is that same blood that shall serve as a protecting shelter for even the physical body in the coming day of wrath. This is the meaning of the sprinkling of the blood on the lintel and the two side posts. The lintel was the upper door post and stands for the physical which will receive pro­tection. The two side posts stand for the soul which receives both cleansing and preservation through the shed blood of Christ.


There is a further mystery that I would reveal to you with regard to the soul. So many confuse soul with spirit; yet they are separate and distinct. (I Thess. 5:23). Both body and soul are subject to death because of sin. Not so with the spirit; it is of the very substance of God who is ‘the Father of spirits.' (Heb. 12:9). The spirit within each human has been alienated because of sin and needs to be reconcil­ed. But once reconciled through Jesus Christ, then its gar­ments, soul-body and physical-body need to be saved or pre­served from death. For when a spirit begotten of the Father is placed within an unborn fetus, its innate powers take of the living substance within the developing organism and form a finely tenuous vehicle called the soul. The soul then be­comes the means or medium of expression through the phys­ical. It becomes the seat or essence of what might be termed 'personality—the mental-emotional nature. Since the soul partakes of and is sustained by the life-forces of the physical, it is subject to death as is the physical body. 'The soul that sins, it shall die.' (Ezek. 18:20). Thus both body and soul need to be saved or preserved.


Now let us look more closely at the sprinkling of the blood. A door represents an entrance into something; also an exit. We have already seen that the doorway with its upper door post represents the outer or physical garment of the spirit, and the side posts represent the inner or soul garment. A spirit makes an entrance into the physical world through the doorway of embodiment within a fetus which is later born into the physical world. A spirit makes an exit from the physical world through the doorway of death. A spirit needs garments or vehicles for its growth in understanding and for its continued progress in the plan and purpose of God. Thus the death of either physical body or soul is a tragic loss for the spirit. In the type we have seen how the blood of the lamb was sprinkled upon both the upper and side door posts, showing that the blood which would later be shed by Jesus Christ would provide an atonement and release from death for both soul and physical body.


Cleansing and release come through the blood of Christ, but the importation of eternal life is through the engrafted seed of the living Christ. (James 1:21, I Pet. 1:23). When a soul is thus 'generated anew' through the incorruptible seed, it becomes a deathless vehicle for the spirit. In event of the death of the physical body, the soul then becomes a functioning vehicle for the spirit in the super-terrestrial realms. If the soul has not been saved it eventually perishes even as the physical body. Its life forces gradually abate and it slowly disintegrates. The spirit then ascends and re­turns to God who gave it. There is so much, my people, that I would like to reveal to you, but I perceive that you are able to receive only a little at a time. The concepts taught by the churches are so completely contrary to my Word that I must teach you anew. This is the day that I am restor­ing to my people the truths that have been almost com­pletely obscured by the traditions of men. Therefore continue to keep your heart open for more of the revelation of my Spirit. To reveal all the details of the Passover ordinances would require a complete study in itself, and is beyond the scope of this particular prophetic word. It is sufficient now to show you the cleansing and preserving power of the shed blood of the Passover lamb. For in the coming days when the full force of the judgmental plagues descends upon the earth, only the applied blood will avail for protection and deliver­ance.


Since the final plague is the atomic 'death angel' which shall pass over the earth, it has a measure of fulfillment during the time of the tribulation. But its more complete fulfillment will be during the final days of wrath when all-out atomic war will destroy multitudes. It corresponds in the prophetic picture to the seven vials of wrath portrayed in the book of Revelation. (Rev. 16:1-21). Although in the type, the children of Israel were not fully liberated until the last plague was set in motion, there is a veiled mystery which needs to be lifted in order to see the complete picture. It has already been shown you in a measure. You will note that it was at midnight that the Lord smote all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, and there was a great cry in Egypt. (Ex. 12:29-30). This corresponds to the midnight hour men­tioned in the parable of the wise and foolish virgins. (Matt. 25:6).


There are different ways in which l am able to smite the earth. The final smiting will be the atomic holocaust, but the actual beginning of the smiting will be my strange work of shocking the church world with the calling out of the wise virgins at the midnight hour. There is a veiled double mean­ing to the smiting of the firstborn. In a spiritual sense the firstborn are those who will enter first into the heavenly King­dom as a firstfruits unto their God. (Rev. 14:1-5), These are the wise virgins who will be received by the Bridegroom at the beginning of the tribulation. The result will be the 'smiting' of the careless church world, as a thief who breaks into the household (Luke 12:39) to take away the jewels. (Mal. 3:17). A great cry will go up from the nominal church world as the shock of what has happened begins to fully reg­ister. Thus the beginning of the deliverance of those who are fully mine from the 'Egypt' of this world takes place at the beginning of the tribulation period. The foolish virgins plus the tribulation saints will be taken at the close of the tribulation just as the final vials of wrath are ready to fall. Therefore there is a time-pattern which is somewhat veiled in the type. The fact that Pharaoh was willing to let the peo­ple go shows that Satan's power will beg in to be broken when the firstfruits are glorified. This is also shown by the fact that when the 'manchild' of Revelation twelve is 'caught up' unto God and to his throne, Satan is cast out of his heaven and into the earth. But because he knows his time is short he comes down with great wrath and causes great havoc be­fore his power is completely broken. The havoc is portrayed in the plagues that came upon Egypt when Pharaoh repeated­ly hardened his heart. The ‘hardening’ is seen in the "great wrath" which Satan has when he is cast down to the earth. (Rev. 12:12). Yet at the same time that he is 'hardening' his heart, his power is gradually being broken.



[final hardening]


And now consider the final factor in the prophetic pic­ture of the ten plagues. Pharaoh's heart was hardened once more to pursue the fleeing Israelites as they left Egypt. He put forth one last effort to re-establish his former power. This will be manifested at the close of the tribulation as Sa­tan causes the leaders of the Kremlin to launch their all-out atomic attack on the west. Since men on earth cannot pur­sue after those who will have been glorified and taken into the heavenlies, the object of Satan's final wrath through his human puppets will be the western Christian nations which will have been instrumental in turning back the communist's bid for world domination. Thus the term 'Israelites' in its last-day spiritual application has a two-fold meaning. First, there will be those saints who are taken and fully delivered from the 'Egypt' of this world. These will cross over the 'Red Sea’ into the heavenly realm and Kingdom, being completely out of the reach of Satan's final onslaught at the very close of the tribulation. Secondly, there will be those Christian nations of the west which will largely turn to the Lord, receiving deliverance through the blood covenant, but being the objects of Satan's final 'pursuit' of terror. Even as with the Israelites at the Red Sea, only a miraculous and provi­dential turn of events will enable the nations of the west to escape without being totally annihilated. But at the crucial moment the 'Red Sea' of communist atomic attack will be thwarted, and the Satanic-inspired hosts of the communist world will be buried in the very atomic holocaust which they will have begun. This does not mean that the western nations will escape all destruction. Far from it. Yet in comparison to what would have happened, had not the Almighty inter­vened, it will be regarded as a great deliverance.


Thus you can see that the episode of the Israelites be­ing delivered at the Red Sea and the destruction of the Egyp­tians, is simply the amplification and extension of the typ­ical truth of the tenth plague. It is one prophetic picture of the final wrath of God, implemented through man, on all who are to be swept away as so much 'refuse' in preparation for the new millennial Kingdom. In that hour only my pow­er shall be able to deliver, even as it was spoken by Moses: 'Fear [ ] not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord . . . The Lord shall fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.' (Ex. 14:13-14). For I will separate in that day those that put their trust in me. The angel of my presence shall stand between them and those who are to be destroyed. (Ex. 14:19-20). He shall be a protecting covering over the blood redeemed, but He shall be as the darkness of chaos and doom to those who submit not to my righteousness. The flood tide of battle shall overwhelm them and they shall per­ish from the earth.


After the crossing of the Red Sea and the deliverance from the Egyptians, the Israelites sang a song to the Lord. It is recorded in Exodus Chapter 15. In Revelation Chapter 15 is a picture of the redeemed and glorified saints also singing. ‘And they sing the song of Moses the servant of God and the song of the Lamb, saying. Great and marvelous are your works, Lord God Almighty; just and true are your ways, you King of saints.' (Rev. 15:3). Yes, my people, many shall see my great and marvelous works in this last day; for mighty shall be my power in the midst of those who are fully mine; and mighty shall be my power in the overthrow of the forces of wickedness. But more important than this, the in­habitants of the earth shall begin to learn MY WAYS, which are true and just. And in time the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of My Glory. So shall saints in glory reign in righteousness over a cleansed and fully redeemed earth. "


(End of prophecy)