July 9, 2021

[Here we answer an earnest reader confronted by the warning that taking the C0V1D vaccination is the final mark of the beast that guarantees damnation if taken..…]

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Hello Chris,
This is Karen .......

...., I ...have need of some discussion on a point if you don't mind. It is regarding the vaccines. I know that they are the focus of an enormous amount of discussion...with friends, family, on alternative Christian news sites, emails, social media, you name it.  The following is something you just sent out:

Right now, two opposite pitfall responses to evil’s multiplicity beset us. The first is one of denial, both naturally and prophetically, by those married to the idea of God’s preserving and “restoring” our good life culture here below as the essence of His “kingdom.” We just want to get back to life and business as usual, do ministry, enjoy life, and read only the parts of the Bible we have already underlined. But this is a sure road to spiritual disaster through unpreparedness.

The other pitfall is to become prophetically engrossed in evil’s knowledge as it both multiplies and is further illumined of the Spirit for its true significance. Numerous saints are seduced by their own penchant for spiritual knowledge into devoting their hearts to uncovering the knowledge of the deep things of satan (Rev. 2:24). This too is fatal and ruins one’s true path to glory, falling way short of God’s purpose for our perception of it. Such feeding leads to depression, paranoia, fear mongering and life under a constant cloud of suspicion outside our “first love” knowledge of Christ.

This is so well said. Years ago, I had to back away from the constant deluge, and even obsession, with informative material from Christian authors on the 'deep things of Satan' and the people and orgs being used as vessels for such things. Precisely because the depression, paranoia, fear mongering and suspicion strongly dominated any 'good' info coming from these people/news sites or email lists. Having said that, I DO want to extract the good and the truth..it is just hard for me to do that while being repulsed by the depression, paranoia, fear mongering etc.  A battle exists inside of me to feel a witness from God on what is exact truth. I have to really be persistent with Him so that I hear Him for myself, apart from all the 'noise'...not always easy.

So...back to the vaccines. I definitely understand all the warnings. But I do think there are some untruths mixed in with truths on this topic. There is a woman minister that I have followed for a long time now. I have always benefited from her material. She has taken a very strong stance in saying that if any believer receives the vaccine, they will lose salvation...period. That what they have received spiritually from God will be taken away. In the sense that it is the mark of the beast, I think. I have heard others say no, not yet.

Bottom line for me, and very simply put,  is that I feel the very work God is doing in me, and others in the Body of Christ who are submissive to His work, is to mature us and truly align our hearts and minds with Christ in such a way that we are His image and are prepared to carry His glory. Where we are in Him..our hearts and minds...matters to Him above all else. One could argue that if we had the mind of Christ, we would know not to get vaccinated. But I don't know anyone who hits the mark every single time.

There are some friends and family of mind who have yielded to this maturing work of the Lord for many years. They have gone through such beautiful changes and have a similar discernment to what God has given me after calling me out of the world and the church that is in the world. And yet they have chosen to be vaccinated. I don't think they have read all the alternative info on the vaccines that is out there.    And even if they have had suspicions and concerns, they still went on to be vaccinated. I can understand the destructive physical aspects of the vaccine and the evil behind it but I just am having an adverse reaction to someone saying  that what God has given us, by grace, will be taken away. 

I find it hard to believe that we will not ALL know that we will be choosing, or not choosing,  the mark of the beast when the times come. These friends and family of mine have not considered that. Some might argue that their heart and mind is not where it should be in Christ.I would beg to differ. Not that they are there yet, but they are are a beautiful work in progress. I cannot get on board with the extremity of the claims on the spiritual consequences of the vaccine. But I want your honest feelings if you don't mind. Perhaps there is something inside of me that is blind or unwilling to accept truth. Appreciate your time Chris.

Thanks so much.



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Dear Karen,

it is a joy to receive your heartfelt letter. You expressed yourself extremely well and have shown the circumspection that bespeaks true maturity. I appreciated reading the outline of your thought and had no trouble following your line of question derived from it.

The simple answer to your question is that your conclusion is intuitively correct already. What you have perceived in your spirit is accurate. God's grace and salvation cannot be forfeited merely by taking this (so-called) vaccine. But so here, as in what else you have read from me, I will just explain why you are correct.

It is true that the vaccine carries the harbinger marking of the beast, carrying such marking into a realm pertaining to the body not previously seen. But it is only true in the same sense that other harbinger evidences have served in the same prototypical way (and thus have also been believed to be the mark of the beast). For instance the world wide use of social security numbers, universal product codes and the more recent development of chip implants that have already been experimentally used--all have been believed to be the mark.

However, what constitutes the mark earning final damnation as delineated in Revelation is characterized by a component of clear, conscious open worship of lucifer requiring equivalent denial of Jesus Christ on penalty of death (specifically, by beheading) that none of the harbingers contain. All the harbingers are psychological conditioners only, but do not demand open worship of lucifer and denial of Jesus Christ on pain of death. That which is foisted on the populace by unconscious stealth as forerunners of the mark and identifiable only by spiritual intuition does not qualify as that which earns final damnation. This is abundantly clear from Jesus and Paul regarding the plainly identifiable worship of the man of sin (abomination) and from the angel in Revelation who issues the warning regarding taking the mark. The context in all three is one of clear identification of the abomination / mark for what it is accompanied by fully conscious worship of it against the Lamb.*

*(Another plain indicator of the final mark is that it must be received in the right hand or forehead. Finding subtle spiritual meanings in Greek words behind their plain language to try to interpret a jab to the right arm as a mark to the right hand does not pass muster as to the angel's intentions in his warning.)

The failure in all cases is to recognize the harbingers for what they are as a warning to God's own people to start becoming unconditioned to world conformity even as the world is becoming conditioned by them under great delusion.  Referring to the two pitfalls from my article, the gullible deniers who don't see the harbingers as warnings to start resisting the demands of the system will finally wake up when it's too late under force of the demand to worship lucifer and deny Jesus. Meanwhile those devoted to the knowledge of evil will go on identifying any and all harbingers of the mark as the mark itself, and so will arrive at the extreme unmerciful conclusions you have encountered.

So my conclusion is that believers should begin practicing resistance to the conditioning put upon us regarding masks and the vaccine, before we end up submitting by default to the final mark, which we will somehow justify. But we should also practice mercy and patience in educating others who do not yet see as we have been given to see into the Spirit behind the masks and vaccines. And you have already well stated this.

So I hope this might help you sort the conundrum out a little better and to become free from any confusion or condemnation in defending your true intuition from the Lord regarding this.

Many blessings as you ponder these things,


Chris Anderson
New Meadow Neck, Rhode Island

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