September 15, 2023


(This is written to Sue..., but I'm copying the rest of our close intercessory crew on this since you've all been in on these discussions about Sue's witnessing to her mother. This will give us all a larger platform for how to pray into this with Sue. So ponder and be edified!)

Hi Sue,

... I am led to jot down some thoughts for you about the problem with Roman Catholicism from a larger viewpoint. That viewpoint has to do with how we know what is true about Jesus Christ to begin with.

Do you remember the old game show "To Tell the Truth"? Three people are given the same name, but only one of them is actually the real person with that name. The other two are imposters. The panelists on the show had to ask questions to try to tell the real man from the two imposters. 

Similarly, there is and can only be one true "Jesus Christ." The spiritual problem though is that it is possible to use the same name to describe someone else entirely. It is possible for imposter spirits to pose as and create a false projection of the true Jesus Christ. They can take on the name of "Jesus," but it does not mean they are the true spirit of the real Jesus. Paul referred to this in 2 Corinthians 11:4 as "another Jesus" by means of a "different spirit." (In Galatians 1 he calls it "another gospel.") 

In the gospels, Jesus Himself said that many would come after Him who would pose as imposters. This did not just refer to actual people. It referred to imposter spirits operating on and through people. There would not only be those who falsely claimed to be Christ, but who, while not proclaiming to be Christ themselves, would be preaching a false Jesus Christ. This shows up later in the letters of John who describes people presenting a false Jesus, who he calls "antichrists." 

Because all this is true, we have to ask, how then can we know who the true Jesus Christ is and who is it that is preaching that true Jesus Christ? The answer is found by examining the only authority we have for portraying to us who Jesus Christ was / is. That authority is the testimony about the life of Jesus Christ presented in the four gospels and by Christ's immediate followers in their apostolic writings after the gospels. This means Peter, John, James, Jude, Luke and most of all, Paul. There is no other authority for knowing who Jesus Christ historically was and spiritually IS

This in turn means that whatever we believe about Jesus Christ and what He taught has to align with the minds of these writers as they presented Him and His teaching. It is not enough to just know what the writers said. We have to know the mind from which they wrote. This means we have to take into account the entirety of the contexts of what they wrote in the further context of what they would have understood Jesus Himself to be saying and to be meaning. This next means that unless our beliefs about what they said fully accounts for those contexts, then we are not believing in the true Jesus Christ, even though we are using His name and even His words as given to us by the apostles. We are believing in "another Jesus" according to a different [false] spirit. 

All cults have this same problem in common. They argue using the name of Jesus and the gospel and apostolic writings about Jesus to advance what they believe, but they all do so apart from the context of mind of the actual writers. They create their own contexts out of the apostles' words. Paul calls this "handling the word of God deceitfully." They twist the apostles' words to say what the apostles could never have believed to be true in real time.

Moreover, they claim to have a divine authority to add onto (even superseding the authority of) what the first apostles wrote, even though the apostles provided no chain whatsoever for passing on their unique founding authority to anyone else after them.  This is true of the Mormons. It is true of the Jehovah's Witnesses. And it is abundantly true of the Roman Catholic "church." It means that all these are believing in and preaching "another Jesus," one who cannot save. And that means they are to be considered accursed and avoided, as the apostles themselves said about anybody who tries to twist their teachings this way. 

The problem that we believers in the true Jesus have trying to discuss biblical issues with catholics and all cultists is that we start by assuming we are talking about the same Jesus. Based on that false assumption, we go on to try to persuade our opponents. But this just leads to empty discussions that go nowhere forever. It's because we are not talking about the same Jesus. We talk about the Jesus presented in full context of the minds of the apostles; they talk about a Jesus created by men off of select, isolated portions of what the apostles said based on their own presumptive authority. It is a false Jesus. No discussion with cultists can ever become profitable until the cultists bow to the authority of the context of mind presented by the original apostles.

So if you are going to discuss anything about "Jesus" with a Roman Catholic, you must insist that they be willing to examine and believe the complete contexts of the words of the Bible writers alone, and set aside anything else believed from any other basis, whether what some "priest" or "pope" said or some supposed "experience" occurred like a "Marian apparition" or an "angelic vision" (which Paul also condemns in Galatians 1:8 as a basis for believing what is true.)

So before you go any further with your mother, take all this to the Lord first and get a hold of it. Understand that you and she are not talking about the same Jesus. And labor toward getting agreement from her to consider only the scriptures in their full mental context. Then stick to that alone. Always ask, "what does the complete scripture say?"and "what did the first disciples believe about what they heard Jesus say?" and "where is your evidence from the apostles' complete words for what you are believing?

If she is not willing to do that, and until she is willing, you can't have a profitable discussion with her about spiritual things. She has to come to the place of recognizing that everything she has believed and been taught about this other "Jesus" by the Catholic church is false, and that she is therefore the one who has no assurance of any salvation. Because salvation can only come through the true Jesus.

Let me wrap up just by making general observations about the idea of a "Roman Catholic Church." Again, just because some religious organization exists massively worldwide "in God's name" doesn't say or prove anything about it's being from God or that it has God's approval, even if it arises out of something God indeed started. There is nothing in the words of Jesus or the apostles (our only authority) to predict that a single worldwide "church" based out of any particular city and led by a single man at the top of a hierarchical structure would become the one true "heir apparent" of the message of salvation above and apart from all the other churches founded by all the apostles.

If such were to have been true, the apostles would have not only predicted it to come but would have made preparation for its arrival in their writings. And they would have specifically had to affirm that Rome was to be the site of such said worldwide church to which all the others planted by all the other apostles in Africa and India and Eastern Europe and throughout the world thereafter must submit and recognize as the single gateway to salvation for all mankind.

Instead, we find rather the opposite, in which Jesus teaches all the apostles that they are to be at the bottom of every church body in servitude, and none of them (including Peter) is ever to be Lord or Father ("papa" / "pope") or Master over the rest of them! Moreover, the church at Rome does not even make the list of seven churches named by Jesus to prophetically typify His dealings with His universal church worldwide until His coming! (What does that tell you?)

Throughout their writings, Jesus and the apostles only referred to churches "at" various cities. They never named a church after a worldly city. Therefore the idea of naming any church a "Roman Catholic [universal] Church" could only be a purely human concoction based on a religious spirit. It has no spiritual authority derived from any apostolic writing. It's authority therefore can only be self-proclaimed. The fact that such religious hierarchy claims a monopoly on the name of Jesus and the Bible embellished by their own doctrines and commandments is thus a totally false claim. (It's no different than the completely contorted Pharisaic Jewish system Jesus completely condemned which nevertheless stemmed from the true original Mosaic Law which they claimed to own.)

But the question arises then, if the Roman Catholic Church has no such pedigree rooted in the prophecies and apostolic writings that give it legitimacy, yet it is indeed such a massive worldwide organization as to be considered the leading "Christian church" throughout the world during this entire church age, must there not be some reference to it in the prophetic apostolic writings somewhere?? 

Well, in fact there is. There is an entire section at the end of the Book of Revelation dedicated to describing a worldwide religious city and filthy-rich system that is "drunk with the blood of the saints," is called the "mother of harlots," being the home to every hateful and detestable idolatrous thing known to God, and is said to sit on "seven hills," being recognized to be the city that rules over all the kings of the earth at the time that book was written!

Well, there is only one city referred to as the "City of Seven Hills" which was the seat of world power at the time Revelation was written and which remains recognized throughout this age as the seat of religious power worldwide, and which earned the reputation of being the bloody persecutor of all true saints who refused its religious authority for hundreds of years, and which is completely characterized by the worship (called "veneration") of relics, statutes, beads, saints and is indeed filthy rich to the hilt, having been the driver of world commerce for centuries prior to America. That is and can be none other than the Roman Catholic Church, which God calls all His ignorant and deceived sheep to flee! (Rev. 18:4. Revelation names this religious city system "Babylon." Is it not interesting then that Peter, who is recognized to have gone to Rome, referred to his location as Babylon! (I Pt. 5:13)).

So that is the big picture Sue. All the other immediate issues like the eucharist and rosary and prayers to the saints and veneration of "Mary" (who is really the Babylonian goddess Semiramis) are trees inside this larger forest. You won't convince your mother over any one of these particular issues. You can discuss the eucharist, certainly, but you want to see the greater spiritual blinding power at work behind this worldwide cult that denies the truth of the apostolic writings alone, and pray into that. Pray for the exposure of that and stand solely on the simple authority of the apostles' complete writings which cannot be broken. Then see what God does. We will agree with you for this!


Chris Anderson
New Meadow Neck, Rhode Island

First Love Ministry
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