Today’s letter reflects a conversation with our good brother Scott Webster of Scott Webster Ministries in advance of his recent book The Arc of Empires: Seeing God in the Crisis in America, published one year after this conversation.

This intensive letter provides somewhat of a primer on the forms of human law in prophetic terms as they relate to the ultimate conflict between the Lord and the kingdoms of earth’s Pharaohs, and as a backdrop to our other articles featuring the end time exodus of the Lord’s people from the systems of this world.

Read with care.

Chris Anderson

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OK. No problem. Looking forward to chatting.
I will be very interested in your America / Egypt book when it comes out. I have begun seeing further typology from the Exodus story relative to the end time deliverance from the “beast” system referred to in Revelation 13 and compared to the Exodus in Revelation 15. My engagement of the sovereign citizens movement is triggering more light about this.
Here’s what I’ve been coming to see. Read at leisure whenever you have time:
There are two historic fundamental law forms among the gentile nations. One is called the law of contract, or law of the land. It is also known as “common law.” This law is the basis for the rights-based constitutions stemming from British Empire sourced nations.
The other is called the law of commerce, or law of the sea. It is also known as “admiralty law” or “commercial law.” It is also the law on which corporations are based. It is not rights based but administratively adjudicated by judicial fiat.
Revelation speaks of two beasts rising in the earth, a beast of the sea and a beast of the land. These represent the two fundamental gentile law forms just described.  The land beast represents contract common law; the sea beast represents commercial admiralty law. Revelation says that the beast of the land points all men to worship the beast of the sea, and that the beast of the sea enforces the ability to buy and sell through a mark.
This pictures the transference of authority from contract law to commercial law in the gentile nations, wherein rights-based law is replaced by corporate / commercial administrative law. This transfer has been made seductively over a period of 150 years throughout the world, but centered in the British Empire sourced nations. I say seductively because the transfer to commercial law has been made while preserving the “color” of contract law. In other words, all men in these nations still believe they are under constitutional / common law, but in reality they have become enslaved to commercial law. All courts in the US now for instance are administrative, not judicial. All offense is weighed in dollars rather than in constitutional rights violations, etc. (This is what the sovereign citizens movement is about.)  
Back to Egypt: Pharaoh typifies the end time administrative sea beast judicial system over the nations. The magicians typify the lawyer class which operates through the “magic” of legal trickery and deceit before Pharaoh. In collusion, Pharaoh and the magicians have kept the masses in bondage to commercial law under the illusion of constitutional law. It is why everyone is now identified by a number and is licensed and fined for everything under the sun, yet believes they are “free” under the constitution. Yet the oppression under the commercial law system becomes increasingly oppressive as the color of constitutional law increasingly disintegrates.
Moses and his rod represents the move of the Lord that challenges the commercial law system throughout the world. The rod represents divinely illuminated strategies given to the Moses apostolic class for confronting Pharaoh and the commercial legal magicians. In the beginning (the early Moses phase), these strategies are oriented toward restoration of common law rights (which is what constitutional sovereigntism is about.) There is a conflict among the Hebrews over this, believing they can go back to the days of Joseph. (It is possible that when Moses first killed the Egyptian as a would-be deliverer, his only understanding of being a deliverer was to bring the Hebrews back to their original favor in Egypt, not take them out.) These contests take place in the court system. They are happening now. There is give and take, wins and losses.    
Gradually however, it is understood that the liberation is not back toward constitutional law in the nations, but forward toward the supranatural spoken law of God (foretyped by the original ten commandments – yet to be given at this point in the story) as the futility of all human law, land or sea, becomes evident, leading toward the actual establishment of the glorified kingdom of God through immortal life in conjunction with the return of Christ.
As the court cases continue, the Moses people grow in their perception of the true deliverance objective. But, these contests are not enough. The words and rod of Moses are not enough. The Lord must bring plagues on Egypt. One thing these plagues all have in common is that they all affect Egypt’s economy in one way or other. The fishing industry for instance is crippled when the Nile turns to blood. Businesses are closed during the plague of darkness. Cattle and crops are killed during the hail, etc, etc. Even so, the Lord will bring economic plagues on the commercial beast system in concert with the apostolic Moses movement contesting before the courts for release from the system.
As the power of the contests grows, it becomes increasingly clear that the issue is the return of the Messiah and the establishment of the kingdom of the Lamb. Interestingly, all the nations ultimately understand this. All the kings say, “Hide us from the wrath of the Lamb who sits on the throne.” The intuitive knowledge of God in every man comes out and is no longer suppressible either by secularism or by false religions. This will occur in the courtrooms, front and center. It will be Christ vs. the Commercial system. The call to Pharaoh will be, let us go to worship the Lord by His kingdom law.
The commercial courts will not let go however until the very end. It will be pretty bad by that time. Many wars, health plagues and natural disasters as well. And as you note, the “firstborn” of the economy will have to be then struck. Not sure what that will be. But out of all this, an emergent body will form in the desert to where the woman is delivered and protected. The manchild of first immortals is born from this energized body, rising to dethrone the serpent with Michael. Heaven and earth will be really meeting at this point.
And so—you get the picture.  This is pretty heavy, but it is giving me a road map to where things are headed in the real here and now. The details within all this make sense out of natural and world history as it is now being played out.
Thoughts to ponder and food for fodder. I expect this to develop into an article.
Chris Anderson 

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