The Search for Solomonic Wisdom in the Kavanaugh Hearings

I Ki. 3:23 Then the king said, “The one says, ‘This is my son who is living, and your son is the dead one’; and the other says, ‘No! For your son is the dead one, and my son is the living one.’” 24 The king said, “Get me a sword.” So they brought a sword before the king. 25 The king said, “Divide the living child in two, and give half to the one and half to the other.”


October 8, 2018

This commentary is geared particularly to our American readers. We want to provide instructive insight on the intensely divisive hearing just held regarding the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court over a sudden accusation of a 36 year old sexual assault.


There are numerous lesser angles from which to comment, many of which have already been ably articulated by others. What we want is as large a perspective as possible regarding the divine purpose and action beyond this nationally riveting drama. And we want to be ultimately found on the side of that purpose, not on the sides of the human divide. To do this, we have to become as divorced as possible from the passions fueling the divide to see with the Spirit. Let’s see if we can make some meaningful observations that will help us get spiritual bearings from this kind of platform.


The Dispassion of Justice 

First, we need to understand that justice is dispassionate, and so is the wisdom that leads to it. The search for truth can never be found in an emotive basis. The more that passion drives a decision, the less truth is to be found in the conclusion. This is because God judges from such a place of dispassion in His own nature. God’s judgment and reason ultimately rule over His own passion, whether to His love or to His wrath. This is simply a fact—one that is reflected in the universal human consciousness that true justice is blind. Justice is not a respecter of men, nor therefore of their passions.


The dispassionate basis of divine justice is also reflected in the immovability of natural law. The laws that govern the universe are not affected by emotion, nor therefore is the justice by which they are administered. God’s laws and his just administration of them reflect God’s holy objectivity of character. Again, all men instinctively know that “cool heads” must prevail in order to come to the place of truth and sound mindedness in determining the rightness in any matter. And even the judiciary of this country recognizes that maturely governed “even temperament” is a must in any judge. 


Solomon’s “Cool” Wisdom

We receive some light on this when we look at the famous story of Solomon’s wisdom in determining the truth about the two mothers and babies in which one baby died and the other lived, while both mothers laid claim to the living baby.  We immediately see that the entire case as brought to the king was driven by nothing but unprovable passion. This was a “she said, she said” situation.


Solomon however remains completely unmoved. Do you hear that? Unmoved. He is not persuaded by the pathos of the claim of either mother. Instead, Solomon just very matter-of-factly calls for a sword, and unemotively issues a command to divide the living baby in two, to distribute in pieces equally between the mothers. And it is out of this dispassioned objective decree that the truth becomes revealed. The selflessness of the true mother to willingly lose the child to the other woman so to spare the child’s life reveals that she is the true mother. 


As an aside, sharp readers will immediately key in on the spiritual truth that Solomon’s ordering the use of a “sword” to “divide” the child in order to “reveal the heart” of the true mother perfectly and prophetically answers to what we said in the last teaching about how the sword of the word pierces to the dividing of soul from spirit to reveal the true thoughts and intents of the hearts. This is an absolutely amazing story in showing how the true and just word of God operates in our lives.


The key to this story however for our purposes is this: the wisdom of Solomon’s decision would never have been achieved had Solomon allowed himself to be moved by the passionate cross claims of the women. The truth was not determinable based in which mother could make the most convincingly emotive case, having no other objective proof.   


The dispassionate nature of justice and of the word of God itself thus gives us our first and most critical key for arriving at a sound apprehension of God’s purpose and mind behind this passion-driven divide over the Kavanaugh hearing, a hearing conducted and disputed almost entirely on the strength of emotively “credible” testimony.  


A Passion Governed Nation

From here, we move to our next observation, which is that the United States has on the whole become a “passion-driven” nation, so much so that, 1) gender roles have become almost entirely confused throughout the culture, 2) unbridled sexual passion has bred both sexual perversion and sexual crime, all of which has gone mainstream and 3) the passion-drivenness of the nation has severely undermined the judicial process of government to the point that sound-reasoned judgment has become threatened with complete overthrow by mindless passion-baited argumentation, even to the highest level of the national judiciary process.


In other words, the essential lawlessness defined by the rule of passion over tempered judgment and the command of will has come to bring the United States to the brink of complete anarchy.  The moral anarchy of sexual obsession, role reversal and perversion is already found at every level of society and in every branch of government from the president on down. And most importantly, it is found as equally pervasively throughout the church of the living God in America.


When we put the power of just these two main observations together, i.e., the dispassionate nature of divine justice and the takeover of the land by the rule of passion, we begin to get close to the divine purpose and mind behind this shameful Kavanaugh hearing.


The Divine National Message for Those with Ears to Hear

The Kavanaugh hearing is really God’s way of holding up a mirror to both this nation and to the church of the consequences for having abandoned the sound-minded submission to the sword of God’s Word which historically held sway over the consciences of men in past generations. Let’s remember that in 1962, it was this same Supreme Court that determined that the scriptures and prayer would no longer have any place for establishing truth in the nation’s education system. And so, first with the 1991 Clarence Thomas hearings, and now almost 60 years later with the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, God is speaking from His Supreme Court to say that “unless you repent, I will have no place to keep the restraining grace that yet prevents your complete collapse as a nation and the invasion of your enemies.”


It is no accident that this divisive contest has centered on the institution of the Supreme Court, the very institution which originally dismissed God from the nation’s consciousness stream. The debacle of this hearing, of the buffoonery of the United States senate in pursuing the “truth” of the matter, of a feckless president and of the crazed mobs pouring into the streets and halls of government is entirely a word from God to the nation. “I will not be mocked. You have cast off your restraint of Me at your own peril. To passion you have appealed as your god? To the fruit of ungoverned passion you shall be consigned.”


The United States is a nation on final trial. We have been saying for many years now that all the factors for a civil war are in place. As in the first Civil War, it will only take one incident in the right place at the right time to finally pop open the cork of complete judgment, giving way to nationwide anarchy beyond anything seen in the 1960s since the Supreme Court made its first move to dethrone the Lord. The social chaos between the conservative moralists and the libertine immoralists will usher in martial law and invasion through “United Nations intervention.” God will let go of what seams still hold the nation together. America will go into its own internal exile in the form of internment camps under the heel of foreign invaders identified first as “peace keepers,” and then as outright marauders. 


Passion Dominated Will vs. Covenantal Faithfulness

The elevation of passion over judgment in the human order contrary to the design of creation is the essential source of universal lawlessness—lawlessness in thought, lawlessness in behavior, lawlessness in belief, and lawlessness in theology. (We will be outlining this in our next and possibly last major treatise in this ministry.) This disorder exists in the heart of the American church and consequently in the American culture—followed by most other humanist “democratic” cultures in the world. As long as God is primarily emotively worshipped for the way He “makes me feel” and sentimentally believed for “how He feels” about mankind, who is thought to be the “center of His heart,” the lawlessness of passion will reign in human culture. The plague of creational disorder will continue.


This is something I want our readers to understand very clearly. It will sound heretical, but it is not if one stops to understand the root truth undergirding it. But a church driven by “passion for Jesus” can never bring salvation to a nation drowning in the aberrant exaltation of passion. Passion-based spiritual relationship with God cannot cure passion-based immorality in culture. As important as passion is in our spiritual walk, what God first requires is covenantal faithfulness.


Only the sure and solid testimony to covenantal faithfulness can stand to salt a culture toward the dominion of justice over immorality. True spirituality is first the adherence to a covenantal commitment before it is a feeling. True spirituality is an experiential passion grounded upon covenantal commitment. But spiritual experientiality on any other ground or on no other ground than itself is simply an exercise in deceptive carnality and delusion, providing the breeding ground for immorality. (This is why the loose un-covenantally grounded “Spirit-filled” church sector has been so historically prone to sex scandals.)   


The implication for the church is clear. Until the church repents to return to a basis of covenantal faithfulness for relating to Christ and in turn to one another, specifically in our marriages and families, there is only one destiny for the church and any nation it inhabits: exile into bondage under the tyranny of martial law by foreign marauders. A life governed by passion leads to prison. And a spiritual life governed by spiritual passion leads to the same. And that is where America and the American church are both headed “except ye repent.” And that is what God is saying through the debacle of this scandalous passion-driven hearing at the heart of the top judicial process in the land. 


The Elijah Antidote

We keep returning to the Elijah theme in these types of discussions. And we must. For despite the evil news surrounding us at every turn, God has nevertheless presented a hope and a remedy before the great and notable day of the Lord. That hope is for the return of the Elijah spirit to set in order a people who will be prepared to receive Him, a people in whom a return to divine order through repentance will be accomplished.


You see, in describing the passion-governed culture as we have, what we have only simply described is the power of the ruling spirit of Jezebel throughout the American landscape. Nothing more. And this should not be hard to discern. Jezebellic harlotry both literally and spiritually is what aptly characterizes the American church and culture.


But the good news is that the story does not end with Jezebel. It ends with Elijah. Elijah, not Jezebel, has the last word. Elijah is translated. Jezebel is fed to the dogs. God has specifically promised to raise up the spirit of Elijah in the land of Jezebel before the great and notable day of the Lord. Elijah rebuilds the broken down altar of the Lord in the land of Jezebel. Elijah evokes the spirit of repentance. Elijah intercedes for the lack of rain and then the return of the rain. Elijah accomplishes the generational reconnection out of utter brokenness, lest the Lord should utterly destroy the land by the curse without any recourse. (There will be a rebuilding of America to come, but not on the backs of the “seven mountains.” It will be on the word of the Lord that issues forth from Zion. (Is. 2:3))


Elijah is clothed with the fiery sword of the word and with the sackcloth of deep intercession. We see the end time force of Elijah in the two witnesses of Revelation 11. Fire comes out of their mouths even as they wear nothing but the sackcloth of intercession, breathing out the cry for atoning forgiveness upon any and all who still can be saved—mercy through judgment.


I say all this to say that, regardless of the current shameful state of the American culture and the church as displayed through the Kavanaugh hearings, despite the impending civil war to break out and the imprisonment to follow to which numerous prophets have attested over generations, God has still readied an Elijah remnant ministry that is to rise up in the land with judgmental intercession, and to whom the Lord will rally His covenantally faithful ones in advance of His final arrival when He takes on the system of this world to its complete demise.


For the covenantally faithful, this is not a time to be dismayed and flustered by the engulfing cultural shame of darkness. It is a time to lift heads in the direction of salvation: “Look up, for your redemption is near.” There will be an Elijah class restoration in the land. But it will not look anything like what the passion-driven jezebel-tolerating church calls “Elijah” with all their sweet-smelling prophecies of “MAGA-revival.” Sorry. Not going to happen.


The time of the true kingdom is at hand. Every mountain will be brought low to prepare the way of the Lord. That includes the mountain of America, folks. Passion-driven prophetic lovers and jezebel-tainted intercessors for America need to listen up. What you are believing for is not going to happen. The Kavanaugh hearing witnesses against “MAGA” (“Make America Great Again”). Only the mountain of the Lord will be exalted in that day (Is. 2:2).


There is nothing “great” in what went down in America this week, I don’t care if the jobless numbers “went down to 3.7 per cent, the lowest in 49 years.” You do not understand greatness if you think God measures it by those kinds of numbers. You are not listening. You are not hearing the real word of the Lord to this country and to the church. Once the Lord levels America in order to restore the creational order and make way for His Kingdom, the MAGA myth will be quickly forgotten.


Once Elijah had finished his personal ministry, it still took time for all he had prophesied to come about. But come about it did. We are not putting a time frame on these things. This commentary is not declaring that civil war will break out next year, though it could. However, the one clear word I have been hearing from the Lord for two months now is, “these things are much closer to being over than you have any idea.”



To the Listener….


But to conclude, to the one with ears to hear I want to say, understand the large picture coming out of the Kavanaugh hearings. Do not get emotively wrapped up in the spin. These things have had to happen. Nothing escapes the Lord’s attention. One of the things He says through this event is that “be sure your sins will find you out—even if you committed them when you were a foolish teenager.” When we stand before the Lord, every act of every time from our life goes to trial. Only what is covered by the blood of Jesus escapes judgment. The rest is exposed and burned, hopefully not including our very souls.


You may not think it fair that a distinguished judge of some 30 years was falsely charged based on uncorroborated emotive allegations forcing him to have to account for his disorderly teen years. And my heart too goes out to him. But that kind of fairness is not that by which God measures. In God’s eyes, everything will be on the table. And He is using what happened now to prove what is to come.


Brett Kavanaugh received a sneak peek of the Great White Throne judgment. And so did America. And in the end, this shameful event could become one of the best things that ever happened to Brett Kavanaugh if the shame awakens him to this larger eternal truth. It could lead to his salvation. That is how the spiritual man must look at this.


Jesus said that nothing has been done in darkness that will not be brought to light. This is a time of exposure, because light is rising in the land amid the darkness. God is no respecter of persons and no one of any party or political caste is immune to His exposing gaze. The silhouette of truth still appears against the shape of the prevailing darkness—for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.


Everyone in America was on trial this last week. We should all see that. We should all hear and fear. Every one of our lives will be opened up as a book before the Throne. (The video cam revolution prophetically screams this to us every day on the news feeds. Every cell phone is now a “candid camera,” foretelling the Day of Judgment.)


May we then be covered by the blood of Jesus. May we have been saved as a result of what we saw take place here below. May we live transparently now in the covenantal faithfulness God requires. And may we see divine creational order restored to our lives, our homes and our churches as a result of the Elijah overthrow of the passion-based governance of our lives in this world.



Chris Anderson
New Meadow Neck, Rhode Island

First Love Ministry
- a ministry of Anglemar Fellowship




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