Guest Article by Kyle Fuller


February 22, 2019

Pressure, coming down on you, coming down on me..."

But comprehend this, in the last days, at precise moments, various seasons (kairos time) of intense pressure will come. ..
(2 Timothy 3:1a Fuller Translation)

I believe that we are, right now, in one of the “kairos moments” of pressure that the Spirit warned us would occur as this age draws to a close. And I also believe that the Enemy is using social media and an inundation of news as catalysts in this “opportune” moment.

We must understand that the Enemy is seeking to distract, provoke, and discourage followers of Jesus by soliciting strong, carnal, emotional responses regarding content that is being strategically presented through both social and news media. Think about it, I'm talking to "believers" here; when this deal with Jussie Smollett the actor from the show EMPIRE was revealed to be a hoax, did you find yourself more responsive from the context of your race, your particular political ideology, OR as a follower of Jesus? Is your response to all the Republican vs Democrat hoopla more of just an emotional thing OR Christ-centered? The constant stream of controversial, 'negative' stimuli, whether it be political or social in nature, is part of a scheme designed to wear down and provoke Christ followers in this hour- an intentional strategy.

Distraction is also an objective in this season of pressure. As we feel the pressure of this season, the Enemy desires that we concentrate more on the things we see and hear instead of living life in/by the Spirit of God. We must not forget who(se) we are in this hour. We must not forget that which the Lord has called us to, both as individuals and as the corporate Body of Christ. We must remember that the “anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God.” And make no mistake, the pressure of this hour is being used to provoke carnal anger which distracts us from the things of God.

As Christians, we must never bury our heads in the sand or adopt an escapist mentality. But as we seek to minister the love of God to the world around us, we must also have wise, discerning hearts. It has been said that knowing that there is a trap is the sure way to avoid it. In this kairos season of pressure let us not be ignorant of the schemes of the devil, but by constant practice train our senses to discern between good and evil.

Kyle Fuller


First Love Ministry
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