Guest Article by Ray Ashmore


May 16, 2017

The concept of “unconditional love” is a subtle but deadly heresy.

What? Ray, you’ve gone off the deep end again.

No Junior, I haven’t. I’m just calling attention to a slippery evil that has infiltrated the church. Haven’t you heard multitudes of preachers, teachers, and ordinary Christians like us talk about God’s unconditional love and how it has blessed us?

Of course. And doesn’t that convince you of its truth? Ray, this truth makes me feel so loved and accepted.”

But Junior, please, dig your head out of its resting place and think about it. Was not perfect obedience to the Old Testament Law of God a condition for redemption?


And was not animal sacrifice on the temple’s altar a condition, picturing the Lamb of God to come?

Yes, but Christ overcame all that.”

Yes He did, but how? . . .He met the condition.

Was not Christ’s perfection in keeping the Law a condition? Was not His sacrifice on the cross as a payment for sin’s penalty a condition? Was not His bodily resurrection from the grave a condition?

And one more thing, Junior. Is not true fruitful faith leading to Christlikeness a condition for our salvation?

Uh, yeah, I guess so. Ray. But now I don’t feel that comfy feeling anymore. You really know how to make me feel bad.”

Yes, Junior, but would you rather feel bad now. . . or later, when you stand before God and He pierces your soul with His holy eyes and asks you why you took your salvation for granted and didn't live your life in growing obedience to Him?

This doctrinal error, so subtle and easily adopted, has led to all manner of cheap and warped understandings of grace. It has led to preaching that gathers unredeemed “converts” to Christ, and polluted lifestyles being justified as acceptable to God. Many churches gather members who have a form of godliness but deny the transforming power of God, equating growth with godliness. This teaching of “unconditional love” has blinded many to the clear statements in the word of God.

And amidst the screams in hell, a chorus of tortured self-deceived souls will ring out in one accord, “God, you deceived us.

Then God’s final voice to hell’s residents will pierce their souls. And they will hear, “You thought that I would not divorce you because of your adulterous loves of the world. Now live forever separated from me because of your fleshly lusts.”

Raymond E. Ashmore
Imparting Life Ministries


First Love Ministry
a ministry of Anglemar Fellowship




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