January 27, 2018

The last two months have seen a burden really increase for the need to re-lay foundational teaching for the body of Christ. Sometime ago I sent out an article urging us to pay attention to the "back door." The thrust was that while we are so busy trying to lay new track forward in the kingdom in the quest for ever higher revelation, the devil has been coming in the back door to erode the truth already laid behind us. 

There is an interesting contrast between comments between the writer of Hebrews and Peter. The writer of Hebrews urges the church to "grow up" and move on from the basics. He says (in so many words), "let's not lay again the foundations but move on into maturity and perfection in Christ."  But on the other hand, Peter was especially concerned for the maintaining of the basics. He says (in so many words) "I'm going to keep putting you in remembrance of these things, even though you already know them." Jude also echoes Peter on this.

When I was first escaping the imprisoned confines of fundamentalist culture 40 years ago, I was possessed of the burden to "move on" into the furthest reaches of Spirit revealed truth for our times that could be understood. I spent a period of about 10 years in Holy Spirit bootcamp going out to explore everything that was out there under the sun beyond where I had started, to add whatever was legitimate to my foundation.

But now, after 30 more years since of pressing on into what is called "present truth," I have now come to see just how unrooted everything called "prophetic" and "revelatory" has become from the foundational truths of salvation. Salvation is hardly even to be found on the radar of any ministry calling itself prophetic today. The fundamentals have been entirely replaced with elevated revelational jargon that has a sound of maturity, but really means nothing ("Brother, are you manifesting yet? And are you decreeing properly?") 

As a result, the Lord has called me back, at least for the present season, to work on re-connecting who we are prophetically to the fundamentals of the faith. Right now I am working on finishing a massive treatise that has been 14 years in the making regarding one doctrine of divine lawlessness presented as revelatory "uber-grace" that has been increasingly infecting the church as a cancer. 

But this is the problem, that as we pursue on into the "depths" of the Lord, we have generationally lost our connect to the fundamentals of salvation that serve as the bread and butter of New Testament apostolic writing, replacing them with revelatory hot air. The Lord says, it's time to go back to the apostles by whom the foundations have already been laid. For if the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" That is the true new apostolic reformation.

But if the "maturity" you are "pressing into" is causing you to lose your grip on the basics of salvation from sin, death and hell from which the righteous are only scarcely saved, and if you are losing your fear of the terror of the impending judgment to come as archly voiced by Paul and Peter and Jude, you are being served up for destruction without even knowing it. And it's all being done by the deceit of siren singing.

Right now birthrights in salvation are being sold for messes of pottage dedicated to plugging the dykes of human culture. Paul says, "Let not your good be evil spoken of." In like manner I say, "Let not your passion for Jesus be converted through blindness of fundamental truth into passion for the man of sin." Beware, beloved brethren.

So this is where we are at right now, buried in intensive study and preparation for the release of this study. 

Thank you again for your prayers, communications and donations to this work. I always want to hear from you. And as the Lord releases me in the interim for other short burst articles, you will get them. 

Love to all in the faith,


Chris Anderson
New Meadow Neck, Rhode Island

First Love Ministry
- a ministry of Anglemar Fellowship



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