As all of us on this Circle know, significant turmoil has arisen in the past years over the perplexity of what can only be called “impure moves of God.” (Yes, an oxymoron, I know. It doesn’t make any sense.) We saw this most recently with the Lakeland Outpouring in 2008. And it has been witnessed in Brownsville, Toronto and really in most places that God has moved in a strikingly distinctive way by the Holy Spirit in modern times. After the Lakeland episode the Lord made clear to me that this phenomenon would happen again and again and we would need to be prepared for it.


This issue is presenting itself to me in a new venue this week, which I will come to later. But without getting straightway into the issue, a significant lesson from the life and “ministry” of Samson emerges by which the Lord would give us some kind of grasp on this problem, even if we can’t come to a satisfying rationale for it.


Samson’s ministry—if it can be called that—opens with an episode (Judges 14) involving the telling of a riddle. He goes down to Timnath of the Philistines where he becomes infatuated with a woman he decides he wants to marry. On a second trip to bring his parents to arrange for a marriage, he kills a lion bare handedly. On the third trip which is to consummate the arrangement with a feast celebration, Samson notices the dead lion still where he left it, and bees have formed honey inside the carcass.

At the feast, Samson tells a riddle to all the Philistine men in which they have to figure out that honey could come out of a lion carcass. A significant wager is on over the riddle which will cost the men thirty changes of clothing if they can’t solve it. Faced with a costly embarrassment, the men force Samson’s wife to evoke the answer out of him, which she does. They win. Samson loses, and to pay for the bargain Samson kills 30 other Philistines to get their clothing for the men at the feast.


While this opening event in Samson’s “career” begins with a riddle, it actually begins with a far greater spiritual riddle, one that not only defines the course of Samson’s life, but which becomes a sign of the Lord’s ways in the age of Pentecost regarding His dispensing of the Holy Spirit. The true riddle of Samson is found in Judges 14:4. After Samson asks his parents to get the Philistine wife and his parents object because of the obvious racial impropriety, the scripture puts forth this:


However, his father and mother did not know that it was of the LORD, for He was seeking an occasion against the Philistines. Now at that time the Philistines were ruling over Israel.


A careless reading of this passage leaves one with the impression that Samson had received a special impulse from God to marry this Philistine woman because God wanted him to use this marriage (or Samson himself intended to use the marriage) as a means to bring destruction to the Philistines. There appears to be a direct connect between the planned act and the divine intention.


But in reality, that is not the case in the slightest! The Lord did not inspire Samson to marry anybody. We’ll get to the Lord’s true part in all this momentarily, for therein lies the riddle. But first we must see in this foundational story the revealing of a deep unholy character flaw that will go on to define a man’s otherwise “separated super hero ministry” (not unlike the way the Lewinsky scandal came to define the popular Clinton presidency.) This uncorrected flaw “under the anointing” will in fact lead to Samson’s very death.


Here is a man who was set apart from birth to God as a Nazarite for the express purpose of becoming a deliverer of Israel. A Nazarite’s separation was demonstrated by total alcoholic abstinence and the refraining from all hair cutting, not to mention the avoidance of touching dead bodies. And this Samson did faithfully (though the dead body factor I’m not so sure about!).


But yet, when it came to women, the whole of Samson’s life was conducted in utter violation of God’s commands for the maintaining of racial and sexual purity. Samson had a deep lust problem, of which chapter 14 tells just the beginning. Samson not only marries a Philistine contrary to the law (Dt. 7:3), but he later goes on to have relations with a Philistine harlot and then to a live-in relationship with Delilah, who finally does him in. Truth be told, there is no telling over the 20 year course of Samson’s leadership how many women he “broke into.”


It is this essential fabric of Samson’s promiscuous life that makes a complete riddle of Judges 14:4. What is the reality of this verse which of Samson’s marriage says “it was of the Lord?? How could this lust-based foreign marriage be “of the Lord?” What is it saying?


The reality is—and this is the true riddle—that God can and does sovereignly, supernaturally move upon the lives of otherwise unfit men to accomplish purposes of His own through yet in spite of their very disobedience. Run that by again: God’s purposes can be accomplished “through-yet-in-spite-of” the disobedience of His chosen instruments. God absolutely does not condone disobedience, and eventually will judge it. And yet God is entirely capable of and sovereignly justified in working through acts of disobedience to accomplish His purposes in a realm and dimension beyond the noble pure cooperation of the instruments He anoints.


But how can God be right or just or holy if he pours out His Holy Spirit to work “through” the acts of somebody that can’t keep his pants zipped up?! How is He able to accomplish intentional purposes through disobedience and not bear any responsibility for that disobedience? (This question really takes us all the way back to the question of the predetermined plan of a “good and just” omnipotent, omniscient God through a fallen race—a question which is a stumblingblock to all rational philosophers and atheists.)


I have to confess to you that, in my book, this concept is entirely offensive. I do not like what I just described. I do not want to believe it is so or that God works that way. It does not seem right to me. I could never justify that kind of mode of operation, even though I am one who always justifies God in whatever He does. (Remember the line “Whatever the old man does is right”?)


Here in this case, I would never have poured “my Spirit” out to accomplish great feats through a man like Samson knowing as God did what was in Samson underneath all that power, let alone intentionally accomplishing my purposes through his disobedience. And had I been around in Samson’s time, I know that I would have had a very difficult time acknowledging that Samson had a true anointing. And I would have had extreme difficulty in submitting to his influence in my life in any way as the leader of Israel. My own commitment to inner truth and purity before the Lord would not have allowed it. (I don’t think Ezra and Samson would have gotten along very well together.)


Not that God wants us Ezra-hearts to fret, however. For it must be made equally clear that, though God reserves the sovereign prerogative to work through whomever He will in whatever condition they are, God never condones sin, never excuses it, and will ultimately judge it if not repented of and cleansed. The same God who reserves the sovereign right to work through acts of disobedience still will “by no means clear the guilty.” God will judge unrighteous unrepented behavior in vessels. As a matter of fact, God uses supernatural anointing on just such vessels in order to test them. The anointing can become its own subtle instrument of judgment on its disobedient carriers.


And we see that in Samson. Under the unwithheld anointing, Samson grew so careless and arrogant in respect to his anointing that he finally thought he could give up his very Nazarite secret to Delilah and still remain invincible (16:20).



Not the Whole Story


One thing we should factor in that can help us with this riddle about God’s use of disobedient vessels is that the Bible does not tell us the whole story about each heart involved in a situation. For instance, we should consider that, even as we do not know how many women Samson illicitly lay with during his judgeship, neither do we know how many prophets the Lord sent Samson to rebuke and warn him of what would happen if he did not repent—anointing notwithstanding. That such warning is reported in some stories but not in this one does not mean no such warning was ever given to Samson.


God does not hide His requirements for holiness and purity from His vessels. Every vessel will have flaws. And not every vessel is required to have the same degree of cleansing and preparation before God will use that vessel. But God will nevertheless make it very clear to His vessels that He will not tolerate or excuse their character flaws. There will never be an excuse at the judgment for disobedient behavior, regardless of whether God accomplished something in spite of it or even through it. Jesus Himself says so (Mt. 7:21-23).


Whenever we read Bible stories, we inherently carry into our reading a belief that what God has left us through the writer is the whole truth as God sees it. But the Bible does not and cannot tell the whole story as God sees it about any thing it reports to us. “That which is perfect” has not yet come. So any time we have a problem with God’s reported dealings regarding any Bible saints that do not seem right, we must remember to consider this.

There are for example things about David’s life that, based on the story as we have it, I don’t feel were dealt with justly. “Why should David still ‘get the girl’ after Uriah dies, and why should one of her sons out of all those born to David’s justly obtained wives become the next king?” Sound fair or right to you? Not to me. But I do not have the whole story of all the hearts!


Before we judge God then regarding such riddles like his work through the disobedient Samson, we should carefully ponder this factor regarding the limitations on what has been left to us of the story.



Deliverance before Purity: The Possibility and the Consequences


In the same way that I would tend not to anoint a vessel with my power until it was first “pure enough,” neither would I tend to heal or bring deliverance to someone before he was “repented enough” of whatever he might have done to have caused his plight.


But again, God trumps me here, and is not necessarily that way. This too is part of the divine riddle of His ways. While in some cases God requires repentance before He works a healing or deliverance, in other cases He works the healing and deliverance first and then calls for the repentance. This is what happened to the man at the pool of Bethesda (John 5.) The Lord healed the man first. Afterward He said to Him, “Behold, you have become well; do not sin anymore, so that nothing worse happens to you.” (5:14).


Where pre-repentant deliverance may appear to demonstrate a greater grace, it also carries a greater risk of consequence if not followed through. If we are delivered before we repent of whatever brought us into bondage, we greatly risk being overpowered by a worse version of whatever plagued us before we were delivered. (Jesus gave a similar admonition in respect to deliverance from demons in Lk. 11:24-26). Nevertheless, God can still deliver us before we repent.


The story of Samson demonstrates this truth to a degree. Samson was raised to bring deliverance to Israel from the Philistines. But interestingly, in the entire account, there is no mention of repentance in Israel as the cause for God’s moving to bring forth Samson to them. And Samson’s ending is so ironic in view of his calling. After a life of unrepented sexual impurity underlying his ministry, Samson “the great deliverer” ends up the blinded prisoner of the very people from which he delivered Israel!


In light of Samson’s end, I further wonder what happened to Israel after Samson’s capture and death. Do you think the Philistines just stood still after that? Do you suppose they came back upon a still unrepentant Israel to bring them into even greater bondage after Samson’s short-lived deliverance judgeship? (The Bible does not say.) Was Samson’s demise under the anointing perhaps really more of a 20 year prophetic sign to Israel than anything else as to what would happen to the whole nation if they found deliverance before they repented, and then never repented?


I wonder….   


Samson and the American Sovereigntist Movement


This brings me to discuss my motivation for this article today. Based on the usual context of this ministry, the immediate application any reader would make of this teaching would be in regard to unrepentant ministers carrying heavy anointings on the foundations of deep character flaws. Todd Bentley readily comes to mind from the recent past—as do others such as Paul Cain, etc. And you the reader are encouraged to make those applications to perplexing ministries which demonstrate an inexplicably powerful anointing upon lives that otherwise betray evidences of secret moral pollution.


But today I am writing about something quite other than ministry. I am writing about something far more literal and earthy respecting the story of Samson, something which speaks on a corporate national level as Samson did. It is something which presently [2012] most of you have probably not heard anything about, though there is a reasonably good prophetic possibility that you will in the coming years. And if you do encounter it, you will have to make determinations as to whether it is “of the Lord” for you to have anything to do with.

I want to formally introduce you today to a developing phenomenon that for now may be called the “American Sovereigntist Movement.” (For those already familiar with this movement, this teaching will have immediate pertinence. For those not so familiar, much of what I discuss here will have no reference point in experience. For such readers, I simply advise to read and to shelve until such time it should become pertinent to you.)


An Introduction to Sovereigntism


What is the sovereigntist movement? The sovereigntist movement is an emerging political national restoration movement with strong biblical overtones quietly arising in America, and to a lesser extent Canada, Australia and perhaps elsewhere. The movement is dedicated to turning the tide against the century-long emergence of the tyrannical global “new world order” debt system as described in Revelation 13.

The objective of the sovereigntist movement is to restore the lost political liberties of the western nations under God. In America, where the movement is strongest, the aim is to restore the sovereignty of the individual under the original intent of the “Constitution for the united States,” a deemed-to-be God-given document. The philosophy of political sovereigntism is rooted in the same beliefs as those of the Christian cultural dominion movement, traced to the Genesis 1:28 “mandate” wherein God gives man the authority for dominion over the earth. (I discuss the Genesis mandate at length in
True Dominion: A Critique of Seven Mountains Teaching and Mandatism Philosophy.)


The American Sovereignty Movement has been subtly expanding for decades but has largely remained underground, void of any real strength to achieve its ends. It has been estimated that as many as 500,000 people in America are directly engaged with it—and growing. Especially with the developing collapse of the current fiat monetary system in the western nations and the exponential numbers of people facing foreclosure and bankruptcy since 2008, the sovereigntist movement has taken on a correspondingly new powerful energy such that it has begun to surface from the shadows to openly expose and take on the inherent fraud behind the entire national and international banking / government power consortium.


Accompanying this energy has been a release of unusual perception in which sovereigntists have increasingly discovered the finer points of the fraud behind the lending system, and have started successfully challenging the sham in the court systems, proving the courts themselves to be built on legal fraud under the mere “color of law.” These challenges have begun to lead to the mass cancelation of debts of every kind, foremost of which are mortgages and federal (IRS) tax levies. This increasing success is beginning to yield all the appearances of a “national deliverance from the Philistines” movement.


(For clarity, the sovereigntist movement is not identified by any one of the currently recognized “right wing” U.S. political movements, whether the broader conservative movement, the narrower Libertarian Party, or the “Tea Party.” But its influence and its adherents pervade all three. The most public voice at this time [2012] nearest to articulating the objectives of the Sovereignty Movement is that of U.S. presidential candidate Ron Paul. The most forefront voice of the emerging movement itself is perhaps that of James Timothy “Tim” Turner. Turner is currently the “interim President” of what is considered to be the restored lawful “Republic for the United States,” a “shadow government” awaiting its opportunity to replace the current federal “corporation” government system created after the Civil War which sovereigntists allege usurped the lawful government under the original Constitution. Turner, a former commercial fisherman and minister from Alabama and an unashamed professing believer in Jesus, claims to have a prophetic calling and mandate from God to serve in this national political restoration.)


The most important factor regarding this movement is the spiritual factor, specifically the place of anointed intercessory and prophetic believers in attendance and in leadership within the movement. The other outstanding factor is the unusual degree of illumination / revelation that both believers and unbelievers in this movement are receiving for discovering the extent of the corruption behind the legal / financial governmental system—illumination which, as just said, is yielding the cancelation of major outstanding debts.


The question for me is, based on what I know prophetically about the end times, about the nature of men, about the character of God and His ways, and about God’s dealing with nations, what is the truth regarding this movement and why have I been brought into contact with it?



The Samsonesque Enigma of Sovereigntism


For the same reasons that Samson is both victorious yet tragic, the sovereigntist movement is both intriguing and troubling. On one hand, some of its top leadership are fearless unabashed professors of faith in Jesus and in the gospel of Christ who demonstrate an anointed revelation into the darkness currently enslaving the masses. Yet in the true and pure spiritual sense, this movement does not represent or speak for the kingdom of God or the church in America. Nor can it.

The movement is premised on the same false concept as dominionism—the idea that Gen. 1:28 establishes the sovereignty of every individual before God and therefore “entitles” all men now to political liberty. It is blind to the required link between spiritual liberty through Christ alone and political liberty, as well as to the equally inextricable tie between the adamic sin nature and tyranny.


In its attempt to restore the original republican-common law foundation of the United States and other British-origined nations, the sovereigntist movement remains oblivious to the eternal goals of the spiritual kingdom of God based in the church. Yet its leaders are well aware that the one world system they combat is the antichrist system of Revelation 13. Mindful of the nearing return of the Lord in this respect, they nevertheless claim to be called and raised up of God to counter the tyranny through political restoration. Also troubling is that despite the proffered calls for return to righteous dealings among men, the movement is infested with lawless anarchists, messianic and other reconstructionist-style Judaisers, and with others who openly serve other gods and New Age “forces.”


Personally, as a prophetic observer seeking to understand the just, practical relationship between spiritual truth and its legitimate impact on nations here and now, I am at once amazed and bothered by the class of knowledge in which the sovereigntist movement is trafficking. On one hand, my spirit witnesses to the fraudulence-exposing truth of what is being uncovered—an illumination I can only attribute to the Lord who brings the hidden things to light from behind the closed doors of wickedness. It is an illumination not unlike that which possessed the original founding fathers of the nation.

Yet I am disturbed in that many who excel in this illumination are also given to illegitimate realms of esoteric Gnostic-type knowledge. Then again, I am intrigued by the degree to which I sense genuine prophetically sensitive intercessors of God at work in this movement, seeking to bring the knowledge of God in Christ to bear upon it.


This back and forth of positive and negative spiritual influences is set against the backdrop of an enigma of mixed legal results. To date, much of the truth already discovered has yet to prove legally enforceable for most. The system has artfully found ways to dodge and counter it. Nevertheless, as the court room contests between the sovereigntist and globalist forces grows in number and profile, the light shed has brought proven enforceable deliverances for many. And the number of such deliverances is increasing as the system runs out of options for deflecting the light. The mixed results in this “deliverance” movement are interestingly not unlike the mixed results in spiritual healing revivals themselves, where many are healed, yet many more are not.



Sovereigntism and the End Times


As a still hard-to-discern phenomenon, the rise of the sovereigntist movement taxes our understanding of what God is and is not doing in context of what He has already given us to understand about our times and what is happening in this country. The Lord is fond of giving us some of the pieces of the puzzle, allowing us to think we have them all, then springing another one upon us unexpectedly as if from “out of left field.” That is what happened to the twelve apostles when Paul came on the scene.


So it is this unusual spiritually energized political stirring is rising unexpectedly as if “from no where,” upsetting comprehension of things based on the pieces we already have. And it evokes provoking questions—the same questions raised regarding an anointed yet morally unfit Samson or a Todd Bentley:


“If God is trying to bring us into a new kingdom and a new basis for life, why would He possibly be energizing such a backward looking movement of such carnally and spiritually mixed vision?  Since there is no national repentance, why would God do anything at this time, assuming it is so, to raise up a movement of mass deliverance from the evils of the present system as if to deliver us from the Philistines? Can this truly be God at work, or is it just a clever ruse?”



Political Lakeland Revisited


These are just the main confounding questions I have entertained in the course of my ongoing encounter with this mounting society. The movement bears that queer combination of characteristics which speak of both the work of the Lord and the motivations of the devil throughout. It is a political Lakeland revisited. In recent pondering of the sovereigntist movement, the Lord reminded me once more of what He spoke to me after Lakeland—that there would be more to come. Of course, I could not imagine it in the context of a political movement. But yet it is so.


It was not long after the Lakeland Movement that, in my defending the Lord’s ways to an offended brother who left the Circle over it, the Lord first brought the picture of Samson to my understanding. I came to see Todd Bentley as the perfect short-lived Samson. But now, the spirit of Samson appears to be falling—not on an individual—but on a literal earthy political movement in North America and elsewhere.

And if it develops into what it has every possibility of becoming (an unexpected short but welcome movement of deliverance for many from the burden of their debts), then it behooves us to become circumspectly aware, and to come to an exceedingly sharp point of discernment regarding it. As experience and history have taught us, very few have the capacity to come to such a fine discernment, either becoming suckered into or jaded by such “mixed” movements of the Holy Spirit.



Practical Considerations and Future Projections


We all want a clean path and clear outline of the steps by which the Father intends to bring us to the fully established manifest kingdom of God in the earth. But there is no such path or outline. The route to the kingdom has many hairpin turns as volatile events, movements, phenomena and personages rise and fall. Generational trend-based projections are rendered useless. Some have predicted steady endless “bad” until the end. That was the expectation in the 1970’s as we all cowered under the immediate fear of the Soviet Union and mutually assured nuclear destruction. But then came along Ronald Reagan.

Everything changed in the 1980s. The world received a reprieve. Meanwhile others have predicted steady good to come in the form of national “revival.” They have been proven equally wrong as the moral deterioration advances, and the globalist agenda yet ascends seemingly unimpeded. The 2008 election and its aftermath put the nationalist revival prophets to shame. 


The end will alternate between volatile evil and good periods. Despite what we know of the oppressive tyranny yet to develop, God can still raise up alternating periods of short-term political and societal relief. We see this in the Book of Judges. And it is only consistent with the nature of the “birth pangs” of which Christ spoke. Pressure-release-pressure-release. The question for us becomes, how do we respond to each of these movements, especially those which hold out a promise of at least some temporal relief from our earthly bondages?

How do we respond amidst the jumble? How do we receive from each event that which may be of God—without distraction into that part which is not of Him, losing our way to the true goal? (Did we learn anything from the sign of Lakeland
?) Skillful prophetic navigation based in indefatigable first love is required.


What then of the sovereigntist movement with its semi-anointed leaders and “mixed multitudes?” It could be a “flash in the pan”—a quickly failing Theudas movement (Acts 5:36). Or it might not. It could develop into a significant Samson movement for temporary overthrow of globalist plans, bringing yet another reprieve to us.

God may want to use the benefits of such a movement to the underserved blessing of His kingdom people. As Paul said to Corinthian slaves, “If you can gain your freedom, do so.” There may be opportunities in which the Lord may want to liberate us from financial bondage through sovereigntist means. If so, this will need to be prayed through carefully.


Should the financial system continue its predictable collapse, and should sovereigntism continue to grow and prevail, every believer faced with it will have hard choices to make. In times of societal stress, believers are forced into situations of extreme choices that require consideration of ways and means they would not otherwise contemplate or utilize. Now is the time to certify your presence in the Spirit, before such choices must be confronted. If in bankruptcy or foreclosure, and introduced with what appears an unprecedented radical means for discharging that debt, one must discern clearly in the Lord what his Spirit-led course of action must be. In no case must we lose sight of our true kingdom intention.



Reckoning with the Subversion which So Easily Besets


The sovereigntist movement is a non-violent movement and is dedicated to so being. Yet it is also armed, and its adherents demonstrate the possibility of resorting to arms if cornered. It is especially with respect to armaments that Spirit-filled kingdom-focused believers will have to draw lines very carefully. I have projected an eventual Civil War in America.

The sovereigntist movement could easily convert into the forefront force in such a war. And should the movement prove victorious, without true spiritual kingdom transformation and vision, it has every possibility of becoming its own national fascist regime, and its very leader could conceivably become the predicted world man of sin—no different than Hitler who opposed Communism with his own form of totalitarianism in the name of “restoring Germany” under the motto “God with Us.” 

(It is no accident that white supremacist neo-nazis linger on the fringe of American libertarian movements and that many within sovereigntism hold to white race-based “Christian Identity” beliefs.) Nothing is past contemplation in the sleuthy hide-and-seek swamp warfare between the angels and political forces of this world as the man of sin dogs the feet of the Lord at His every turn. (That’s what Judas was all about.)


In old Israel, the nearest movement to the sovereigntist movement was the peaceful wing of the zealot movement. Jesus never sided with this movement, though he drew at least one disciple from its ranks. The 1978 film Jesus of Nazareth excellently, if imaginatively, portrays the tension Jesus would have had to overcome between those who, believing in national liberty, wanted Him to bring it to pass, and the true liberty He came to bring through the cross and spiritual rebirth. Prophetic kingdom people must not become deceived into supporting any nationalist zealot spirit of liberty, even if the Lord raise up a movement as sovereigntism to bring some immediate temporal national deliverance to them.


As Samson brought relief to Israel but ultimately was captured, blinded and went into the Philistine dungeon for his sexual lawlessness, so is it not unlikely that sovereigntism may be used of God to bring legitimate temporary relief to America and other nations from an oppressive system—yet those who in private lawlessness adhere to its short sighted goals will still end up in captivity under the very globalist “Philistines” they temporarily overcame. Despite their professed Christian objectives and spiritual commitments, sovereigntist believers remain largely as enslaved to sin as all men, no matter how “sovereign” they claim to be. Apart from freedom from sin, there is nothing to ultimately save them from the tyranny they fight.


In the end, no temporal liberty movement will prevent the emergence of the final globalist system. The only answer to the globalism will be the manifestation of the kingdom of God through the next revelation of Christ and His firstfruits people. This manifestation will lead to the replacing of all human government under the knowledge of good and evil to a new “world government” from Mount Zion under the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus.


Nevertheless, until then we must remain aware of the interim short term “breaths” of political deliverance God may bring us—and perceptive in how to receive of Him through them without becoming deceived by them.




All these are the prophetic practicalities, projections and reckonings we must come to as sovereigntism or any other movement like it emerges to offer relief to believers from the oppressions of the corrupt globalist system infesting the institutions of the nations.





Well, have I surprised you today by this unusual topic? If so, that is fine. The Lord causes me to remember my calling, which is to observe, ponder, receive and in turn report back to you on such trends and phenomena as I am brought into their “sensory range.”


Again, if you have not heard of the sovereigntist movement or encountered it in any form, there is an increasing likelihood that you will in the future. I have purposely refrained from including here any links to direct you to more information on it. When it is time, you will stumble upon it.  But if and when you do, you will need spiritual wisdom and discernment in how to engage or not engage what you encounter. And should the Lord be in it for the purpose of delivering you short term from any of the unconscionable bondages foisted on you by the fiat banking system, may you be perceptive enough to know His right course of action.


Whatever you do, always remember that your ultimate liberty and your true source of supply is found only in Him, not in any Samsonesque man or movement—just as you already know regarding the church.


I speak wisdom, peace and blessing to all.